Your comprehensive tarot forecast for May 2020

Tarot and energy forecast for May 2020

Here’s your tarot forecast for May 2020. I’m using the Wild Unknown Archetype cards to pull the theme or energy that we are being called to focus on as a collective this month, and two tarot cards from the Wild Unknown Tarot Deck to provide some additional guidance and clarity on how we can best use and understand the archetypal messages.

Tarot forecast for May 2020: The archetypal energy

May presents us with the archetype of The Mystic. A butterfly shines brightly in the darkness; its inner core illuminated brightly, seemingly dispelling at least some of the gloom all around it. The only colors on this card are the oranges in the butterfly’s wings and the bright yellow in its central core, reminding me of a brightly lit candle that dispels the darkness around it.

That is what mystics do, after all. They sit with the darkness, alchemize it, and illuminate the way for the rest of us. And while we are often tempted to look outside for guidance and wisdom, this archetype reminds us that we have the answers within us – we only need to be willing to listen, and trust.

This trusting, though, can be difficult. “Who are we to know universal truths,” we may think. “Are we really worthy of finding any answers,” we may wonder. “Maybe we are just making all of this up,” we often tell ourselves.

But/and: How often have you heard similar truths from teachers you may look up to? How may times have you ignored your inner knowing and regretted it in hindsight?

Of course, there is nothing wrong in having teachers and guides and mentors. It only becomes a problem when we are constantly looking externally for our answers instead of checking in with ourselves first.

The archetype of The Mystic offers us an invitation to sit with the darkness, to ponder the questions, and to find our own answers…our own light.

Coming as it does on the heels of The Underworld last month, it reminds us that we are not meant to stumble around in the darkness, afraid and anxious, forever. The Mystic reminds us of our capacity for alchemizing the darkness to light. It asks us to remember our infinite capacity for accessing our inner wisdom and finding our deepest truths. It serves as a reminder that we have the capacity to sit with the darkness, harness its potential, and embed it with light.

Here’s an exercise you can try.

Close your eyes, visualize the current situation and your anxiety around it, and notice fear, stress, or anxiety you may be feeling at this time. Don’t control your breath in any way, let it be natural.

Where in your body do you feel the stress? Is your breath shallow or harsh? Is your heart palpitating? Do you feel any tingling sensations? Simply spend a few moments observing your body’s reaction to the stress.

Now deepen your breath. As you breathe in and out slowly, feel your anxiety ease a bit. Send your breath to all the areas where you had felt your anxiety. Loosen them with every in breath, gently release them with every out breath. Stay here for a while.

Now, fill your heart with gratitude. Remember all the little blessings – the blue skies, the beauty of nature, the roof over your head, the food in your pantry, your breath…everything that you can think of, no matter how big or small it may seem. Spend a few moments here, and then gently open your eyes.

Tarot forecast for May 2020: Anchoring in the archetypal energy

Bringing May’s tarot forecast down from the archetypal realm and anchoring the energy into the mundane human world is the story that is being told by Judgement and The Wheel of Fortune.

It isn’t lost on me, though, that we are still swimming in archetypal waters with both of these tarot cards. But these are two archetypes that, because they are so anchored in this world through the tarot and through film and stories, can offer us some very practical suggestions

For one, they serve as a reminder that we have been through cycles of darkness and uncertainty before, and that, just like a phoenix, we have the resilience to rise from the ashes. This is, in some ways, a conscious choice and an exercise of will. And while the current situation may be unprecedented – there is, after all, no template on how to navigate a global pandemic – we have been through many situations where we haven’t known, beforehand, how we would navigate and find our way through to the other side.

What seems to make this situation alarming is the fact that this pandemic is the great leveller, in that our socio-economic status, race, religion, or country of residence doesn’t automatically give us immunity from the virus. There’s no telling where or whom we may contract it from. Its long incubation period means that there is no way for us to judge if the person next to us is a carrier. There is no vaccine or cure for the disease, so all the money in the world will not “save” us if we’re at high risk.

The only thing we can all do is to self-isolate {which itself is a huge privilege}, maintain excellent hygiene, and hope for the best.

It is this uncertainty, this sudden reminder of our fragility and mortality, that has triggered a lot of us into a heightened state of anxiety. And yet, we have always been fragile and we have never been immortal. Death has always lurked around the corner, though he has generally been invisible. But now here he is, strutting down the street, and there’s no way for us to shield ourselves from his cool gaze.

The only thing we can do is to remember that life is a cycle. The wheel always turns. That sooner or later the grim reaper comes for us all. And so, if we acknowledge our human fragility, if we make our peace with it, how may we navigate through this time?

It would help us to remember this simple truth, that from the moment we are born, we begin our slow walk towards death. And that before we meet the grim reaper, there are many mini deaths that we cycle through during our days – life altering changes, dramatic personal transformations, all of these are mini death cycles. Something dies and something new is born in its place.

So that is what we are being reminded of here – that the cycle will turn. It always does. We can only determine how we will weave our life today. Will we freeze like a deer caught in the headlight, or will we bend and twist and adapt and grow through this period of uncertainty and anxiety.

While everything seems to have paused, there is a chance for us to examine the weft and weave of our life and to make changes to the colors and patterns we are weaving it into.

Will we weave in the light, or will we give in to the despair and darkness? This is the question that each one of us will need to answer for ourselves.

I hope this tarot forecast for May 2020 resonated with you. Do let me know in the comments!

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  1. Loved the post. At the beginning of the lockdown I was tense and worried but once I accepted that I can’t change anything, I felt calm and now I just count my blessings and pray for those who are less fortunate specially in this time.

    • And that’s the key, I think. We can’t change anything, so best to make our peace with it, count our blessings, and do what we can for those who are less fortunate.

  2. I like your message of positivity, that our resilience will see us through no matter how tough the times. Also, what you said about self isolation being a privilege is also something we need to remember and be grateful for.

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