May 2020: Tarot spread for the full moon in Scorpio

Tarot spread for the May 2020 full moon in Scorpio

The May 2020 full moon falls in the sign of Scorpio. The Scorpio archetype is known for its intense power and its ability to transform, much like the butterfly emerging from its cocoon, ready to fly. The Scorpio archetype isn’t afraid of the birth-death-rebirth cycle, for it is only when parts of us die and are reborn that we can fully transform.

So perhaps it’s not surprising that spiritually, the Scorpio archetype teaches us to surrender – to align our human will with divine will. It teaches us that sometimes – dare I say most often – our human trials and tragedies have a higher purpose. They are not happening “to” us but “for” us. This is not always easy to live or to understand, especially when it comes through trauma. And yet, on the other side of trauma there is a deep transformation that we can access as we start to step out of the story and step into acceptance and find the medicine in that trauma.

The May 2020 full moon in Scorpio also highlights our materials and resources. If there is one thing that this lockdown has shown us, it is how disparate our income distribution is. There are people working on the frontlines, who may be earning a minimum wage; there are people who have lost jobs and seen their savings eroded by the market crash; and there are those who are still making huge sums of money as they self-isolate in their holiday homes. The ill effects of rampant consumerism are there for everyone to see – if only we choose to see it.

And entwined in all of this is our own relationship with money and possessions, with what we think is “enough” or sustainable. This Scorpio moon can illuminate our relationship with money and consumerism, and help us come into right relationship with the energy of money and equal exchange.

Astro-tarot influences for the May 2020 full moon in Scorpio

To throw some more light on the May full moon astrology, let’s take a look at the astro-tarot influences of this lunation. The Scorpio full moon falls in Decan 2, which is ruled by the 6 of Cups. This is to be seen in conjunction with Death, which is associated with Scorpio.

The 6 of Cups represents the sweetness of childhood, which often serves as a reminder of simple joys, a trusting and caring nature, an openness to sharing and a knowing that we are, for the most part, protected. Death represents the cycle of change. Change, after all, is the only constant. It’s also the one thing most of us fear most. But Death isn’t concerned about our fears. It simply is. Change and the inevitable cycle of time – we can either embrace it and make these changes work for us, or resist and be dragged through the change, kicking and screaming. The choice is ours.

Put together, these cards speak to the need for us to come back to centre. To remember our core values and return to the simple pleasures of life. This has, in different shapes and forms, been a time of re-orienting ourselves to what is really important to us, rather than to be swayed by what others claim is important.

For too long corporate greed has tried to convince us that our salvation lies in the next shiny object that we purchase. Marketing gurus speak of pushing emotional centres and playing to scarcity mindset to convince potential clients to hit the buy button.

All this to say that the corporates have taken over our mindspace and wallets by very cleverly tapping into the way our brains are wired. By using human psychology as a way to coerce us, we are often swayed into making purchases that we may not even need.

But this period of self-isolation has brought the lens back to what is really important. It’s the basics – food, shelter, clothing. And after these needs are met, what is it that you really wish you could go out and buy? I am willing to bet it isn’t the latest handbag from Marc Jacobs.

These yearnings point to your core values – to the things that are really important to you. The rest of it is just clever marketing and impulse shopping.

The invitation here is to re-examine our relationship with “things” and to come into right relationship with our possessions. Because one thing is very clear, and has been for a long time, our rampant consumerism is killing this planet. Of the many things this pandemic has shown us, this is also one of them. I’ve examined some of my responses to these very questions here.

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Sabian Symbol for the May 2020 full moon in Scorpio

The Sabian Symbol for Scorpio 17 degrees is A Quiet Path Through Woods Brilliant In Autumn Coloring

This symbol conjures up inner peace, solitude, and joy. It speaks to the inevitable cycle of seasons and life. Straddling the liminal space between summer and winter – productivity and rest – autumn is the time of harvest, reflection, and letting go. There’s a bittersweet feeling to this symbol – the sweetness of all that has been achieved, some bit of regret for the things that fell through our fingers, and the slight sorrow that accompanies the letting go of all that came to fruition.

This symbol also reminds us of the need to spend some time in quiet reflection and meditation so that we can connect with our own inner truth and discern how we may need to prepare for change; what may be stirring within us; and what gifts we are ready to harvest.

Tarot spread for the May 2020 full moon

Here’s a tarot spread to tap into the energy of the full moon in Scorpio.

Tarot spread and journaling questions for the May 2020 full moon in Scorpio

1. My current relationship with money

2. Where I am in scarcity mindset

3. How can I release/transform this

4. How can I come into right relationship with money at this time

5. Mamma moon says: This is always a message of inspiration/motivation

Journaling questions for the May 2020 full moon in Scorpio

You can use these journaling questions instead of the tarot spread, if tarot isn’t your thing. Cardslingers, you can also use these journaling prompts for further reflection:

Reflect on your current relationship with money, possessions, and consumerism

What were your indulgences, pre-lockdown? Were any of them excessive?

What did you really wish you could buy during the lockdown – apart from daily necessities? Those indicate your core values.

In what ways do you hoard onto things, or otherwise find yourself operating from a position of scarcity rather than abundance? Are these thoughts of scarcity true? How do you think you can release or transform them?

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