May 2020: Tarot spread for the new moon in Gemini

Tarot spread for the May 2020 new moon in Gemini

The May 2020 new moon falls in the sign of Gemini. The Gemini archetype is very curious, an excellent communicator, and a disseminator of knowledge. It is the sign of the writer, of those who tend to think deeply, are highly perceptive, and prefer to learn from experience.

Spiritually, the Gemini archetype is about courageous conversation, be it with another person or with the Universe. Gemini adds its vibration to the advancement of culture and civilization through dialogue, be that via books or blogs or letters.

The May 2020 new moon also highlights our foundations and roots; our closest relationships and the things and people that feel like home. In “normal” {i.e. pre-pandemic} times, this moon would have highlighted communication, collaboration, and time spent in the company of family and friends. In our “new normal” though, we are going to have to come up with new and innovative ways of building these networks of community.

This could be in the way of regular video conferencing calls with family; dropping off food or a cake outside a neighbour’s door; and perhaps more importantly, also looking at our relationship with ourselves.

In these trying times, this Gemini moon could just be the clarion call we need to come home to ourselves, to rest gently in our own presence, in tune with our breath, our heart, our voice, the rhythm of the blood as it pumps through our veins. Developing this intimacy and curiosity about the soft animal of our own body, pulling inwards to our own world view and thoughts – what hidden gems may we find there?

Astro-tarot influences for the May 2020 new moon

To throw some more light on the May new moon astrology, let’s take a look at the astro-tarot influences of this lunation. The Gemini new moon falls in decan 1, which is represented by the Eight of Swords. This is to be interpreted in conjunction with The Lovers, which is associated with Gemini.

The 8 of Swords represents restrictions, illusions, and panic. It often indicates periods when we feel stuck and unable to make progress, or are unsure about how to proceed from where we currently are. The Lovers represents love in all its forms, not just romantic. At its essence, it is about creating conscious connections and meaningful relationships with others and also with yourself, which also implies gaining clarity on your core values and beliefs. At its heart, this card is about making choices about who you are, and about how you connect and communicate with others.

Put together, these cards speak to the need for us to soften into our own knowing. To loosen the grip of analyis paralysis. Of fears and anxiety. And to be present with and accept what is. To be curious and open about what may be. To gently shake loose the stuck places and invite in some fresh air and new ideas. 

Often, when we feel stuck, it is more to do with the stories that play in our mind. The ones that try and convince us we don’t know enough to make an informed decision; or that convince us that ahead lies failure. But unless we move, unless we choose, we will never grow. And if we never fail, we will never learn. And not growing, not learning, well, that is also a choice! 

Another area that is being illuminated by the Gemini new moon is of our relationship with ourselves. How are we speaking to ourselves? What are our core beliefs? Do we let our fears and anxieties paralyse us, and how can we begin to loosen the grip of the negative Nancy who plays on loop in our head?

These are big asks…big tasks. But this Gemini new moon is a time when we can plant the seeds to take back our own power. To decide how we want to show up for ourselves. Will we put in the work to address our brain gremlins and improve our inner chatter? Or will we continue to hold ourselves back? This, again, is a choice that only we can make. 

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Sabian Symbol for the May 2020 Gemini new moon

The Sabian Symbol for Gemini 3 degrees is The Charming Court Life At The Garden of the Tuileries in Paris.

What a beautiful symbol, this. And also one filled with wistful yearning, especially since a lot of us across the world are still under some form of a lockdown.

But this symbol is about much more that the literal garden of Tuileries in Paris. What it represents is beauty and lush riches; community and socializing. It also represents the rewards that come from the work you’ve put in to achieve a comfortable life. I see it too as the rich spiritual rewards that can come from some deep inner work.

Tarot spread for the May 2020 new moon in Gemini

Here’s a tarot spread to tap into the energy of this new moon.

Tarot spread and journaling questions for the May 2020 new moon in Gemini

Divide your deck into two piles – the major arcana in one pile and the rest of the cards in the second.

1. Current energy: Use only the major arcana to draw this card.  

2. Current self-talk: Draw from the rest of the deck. This will represent the area and ways in which you hold yourself back {Tip: Pay attention to the suit}

3. Seeds of potential: Draw from the rest of the deck. How can I take back my power. {This will be something you can focus on for this moon cycle}

4. Mamma moon says: You can combine the deck {major + minor arcana} for this if you wish. This is always a message of inspiration/motivation

Journaling questions for the May 2020 Gemini new moon

You can use these journaling questions instead of the tarot spread, if tarot isn’t your thing. Cardslingers, you can also use these journaling prompts for further reflection:

Spend some time observing your self-talk. Can you identify the ways in which you put yourself down or hold yourself back?

How can you bring some semblance of balance back to your self-talk?

Are you stuck in analysis-paralysis in any area of your life?

If you looked at this area with curiosity and a sense of openness, how would things shift?

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