July 2020: Tarot spread for the new moon in Cancer

Tarot spread for the July 2020 new moon in Cancer

The July 2020 new moon falls in the sign of Cancer – again. While last month’s Cancer new moon was at zero degrees, this one falls in the second to last degree, which makes it a time of integration and endings.

The Cancer archetype is emotional, intuitive, nurturing and healing. It also symbolizes “home” and all the things that home represents – not just our physical home, but also our emotions, energy, body, and the spiritual hearth of our souls.

Spiritually, the Cancer archetype is one of compassion, of recognising that people act to the best of their abilities, limited by their education, upbringing and current awareness. The Cancer archetype knows that love and forgiveness are the best way to respond to destructive behavior.

The July 2020 new moon highlights our foundations and roots; our closest relationships and the things and people that feel like home. It highlights our ancestral lineage, and our family connections. This Cancer moon also asks us to take a closer look at what brings us comfort and peace, and how we can root more deeply into our own personal truth.

Look back at the previous new moon in Cancer last month. What projects did you start then? What intentions did you set? This Cancer moon gives you another chance to refine those intentions, fine tune them if needed, and dive deeper into those themes.

Astro-tarot influences for the July 2020 new moon

To throw some more light on the July new moon astrology, let’s take a look at the astro-tarot influences of this lunation. The Cancer full moon falls in decan 3, which is represented by the Four of Cups. This is to be interpreted in conjunction with The Chariot, which is associated with Cancer.

The 4 of Cups represents boredom, apathy, and disillusionment. It could indicate a period of ennui, though you may not be sure where it stems from. Ideas and solutions may present themselves, but you may be too self-absorbed to pay them any heed. The Chariot represents focus and strategy; the alignment of the will and emotions to achieve the goals you’ve set your mind to. It could also represent a hard exterior mask or persona that conceals a vulnerable or confused heart, as well as highlighting the importance of maintaining emotional control.

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This, then, speaks to the need to re-orient ourselves towards our dreams and desires. Which makes sense, seeing as we are more than half way through a most unexpected and uncertain of years. It’s not everyday that we get to live through a global pandemic, after all!

Looking at how this year has shaped up, it’s very likely that our plans coming into 2020 have been completely derailed. Some of us may have spent the last couple of months barely treading water. But living in limbo, or in fight-or-flight mode for an extended period of time does nothing for our mental, physical, or emotional health.

Even those of us who have taken this uncertainty in our stride and adapted to the new normal may well have lost sight of the grand ideas we had for 2020.

The thing we need to realize now is that the situation we find ourselves in, is very likely to be our “new normal” for some time to come. There’s no definite answer on when the virus will be controlled or when a viable vaccine will be developed. There’s also no certainty of what a post-COVID world will look like.

Which makes it even more important for us to ground into the here and now, to take a closer look at our lives and to examine its weft and weave. What areas of our life need our attention? What habits or commitments no longer serve us? And most importantly, what are our core desires – the ones that almost never fail to light us up?

It’s time to hone in to those, and to re-orient ourselves to living more in tune with our deepest desires.

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Sabian Symbol for the July 2020 Cancer new moon

The Sabian Symbol for Cancer 28 degrees is A Greek Muse Weighing New Born Twins In Golden Scales

Ah, such a rich symbol! The Greek muse represents inspiration and intuition; new born twins bring to mind two complementary parts of self, which according to psychology, are our left {rational} and right {intuitive} brain. The golden scales, to me, represents individuation.

Our journey of individuation requires us to be able to weigh up and balance our choices. Throughout our lives, we need to make choices that determine our life’s trajectory, that shape us into the people we become.

We can make our choices logically, emotionally, or intuitively; the way we make choices determines who we become.

It is when we take the time to find the meaning in our experiences and the wisdom we have learned on our journey that we find our authentic, individual, unique self.

Tarot spread for the July 2020 new moon in Cancer

Here’s a tarot spread to tap into the energy of this new moon.

Tarot spread and journaling questions for the July 2020 new moon in Cancer
  1. Attend: What area most needs attention at this time? This will indicate where you’re currently out of alignment. Pay attention to the suit for this one.
  2. Tend: What do you need to focus on at this time?
  3. Prune: What is no longer serving you? This could be an attitude or a commitment or habit. Listen for any intuitive hits.
  4. Nurture: What do you need to make space for, so it can grow?
  5. Mamma moon says: This is always a message of hope and encouragement

Journaling questions for the July 2020 Cancer new moon

  • Look back at your notes for last month’s new moon in Cancer. Is there anything you need to refine or tweak with the intentions you set then? Is there any area you want to deepen?
  • What area of your life do you need to focus on? Choose 1 or 2, so you can really do them justice.
  • Are there any habits that need changing?
  • What new habits do you want to replace them with?
  • How can you work these new habits in to your daily life?
  • Do you know what your core desires are? Look back at any planning you may have done for 2020.
    • How can you realign with those plans?
    • Where do you need to be more flexible?
    • What can you focus on now?

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