Book review: Along Came a Syder by Apeksha Rao

Ever since she was a child, Samira Joshi has known she wants to be a spy. And why not? Her parents are elite RAW agents, and have trained Samira in spy craft since she was a child. 

Suddenly, though, her mother, who was the biggest supporter of her dreams, has taken a U-turn, telling Samira to forget about spy games and focus on becoming a doctor instead. 

But Samira is having none of it.

Determined to have her own way, Samira falls head first into the lair of the Spyders – a super secret teenage spy organization run by Col Singh. And when she discovers that she was Col Singh’s first choice to join the Spyders, and that her mother warned him away, she’s all the more determined to realize her long-held dream of becoming a spy. 

As the Spyders go about their undercover work – from busting prostitution rings to foiling a terror attack – will Samira be able to prove herself to the team and Col Singh? And more importantly, will she be able to convince her parents to let her live her dream?

You’ll just have to read Along Came a Spyder to find out!

This is a rip-roaring thrilling debut novel, with some excellent character sketches, brilliant plotting and superb pacing. 

There’s not a dull moment, and though you may initially wonder how a bunch of teenagers can foil a terror attack, once you read the book, you’ll realize that the Spyders are probably the only ones who could have done it!

Rao has crafted an exciting central character in Samira. Sassy like most 17 year olds, and yet focused on her mission and serious about the business of being a spy, you cannot but help fall in love with her, and cheer her along from the sidelines. I cannot wait to read more of her spycapades. And with that thrilling Epilogue that Rao leaves us with, I can only hope that Rao is hard at work at the next novel, because I cannot wait to know what happens next!

This book is a winner, and Apeksha Rao is an author to watch out for. Highly recommended for young adults, and for adults who enjoy fast paced thrillers too!

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  1. Oh wow this is something i would love to read. i had seen the review of this somewhere else but it wasnt as good as yours. This ones making want to buy it right now.

  2. The premise of the book seems to be very interesting. A teenager wanting to live her dream to become a spy and going so far as to bust a terror gang along with others! I have never read a book of this kind before. Definitely will get a copy and read.

  3. Thanks for this articulate review Shinjini, I’ve been wondering whether to pick up this book. Looks like it gets a thumbsup from you..

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