The Mindful Break 2020

The Mindful Break 2020

Ladies and gentlemen, The Mindful Break is back! What started out five years ago with my desire to cultivate a mindfulness practice, has become a regular feature that I – and many of The Mindful Break regulars – look forward to each October. And this year, we have a twist on the theme, so make sure to read through to the end.

What is The Mindful Break?

It is a simple and sweet photography {and this year, art!} challenge – a reminder to be in the moment, a gentle pause in the middle of all the frenetic activity, and a little bit of calm {I hope} amid all the uncertainty that this year has brought.

Why an Instagram challenge?

Because it’s a beautiful way to build community with like-minded folks, and it serves as a visual reminder of your moments of mindfulness. The Mindful Break isn’t about capturing the prettiest image or staging a beautiful shot {although you can certainly do that – mindfully}. It’s about giving yourself the time and mind space to mindfully record the moments, the sights, the awe and wonder that you want to cherish.

So how does The Mindful Break work?

Pause, notice your surroundings, be present to what is, and show us what you see. Use the prompts below as a guide.

The Mindful Break photography prompts

This year, we also have an art edition!

Use the prompts below to enjoy a gentle, mindful art practice. The prompts are grouped together in 3s – except the last set of prompts – and build on one another. If you do them as designed, you’ll have 5 finished pieces of mindful art by the end of the challenge!

The Mindful Break art edition

The rules of engagement

They’re super simple – this is supposed to be fun, not stressful!

Post 1 photo a day {or more if you wish!} on Instagram using #TheMindfulBreak hashtag.

Follow the prompt of the day – or don’t. It’s up to you. Though the prompts are designed to remind you to be mindful in every day situations and activities. {Note: The prompts on the art edition build on one another.}

Follow the hashtag stream #TheMindfulBreak to connect with new peeps and find some interesting new Instagrammers to follow.

Drop a link to your Instagram account in the comments below and tell me if you’re joining the art edition or the photo prompt or doing both! This is a great way to find new peeps to interact with and follow!

I will be doing both. I’ll be sharing photographs from the Art edition on my main Instagram feed, and I’ll share my daily moments of mindfulness in my stories. You?

I’m also participating in Blogchatter’s #MyFriendAlexa. For any fellow bloggers who are part of the campaign, yes, you can absolutely manage Alexa and #TheMindfulBreak. In fact, with the excitement that surrounds the Alexa campaign, mindfulness is a must – so make your mental health a priority too and join in!

The challenge runs on Instagram from 15-30 October 2020. Are you joining in?

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  1. I’ve participated in this challenge before and it was fun. The prompts will surely give us lot of room to get creative and enjoy our surroundings. Will join in.

  2. I did this challenge with my bestie last year…and your community.and my your community is a warm hug over a mug of tea.ahhh. excited to participate both ways this time shinjini.oooh oooh and to ease into the play along with your oracle deck at the fun

  3. A little bit of calm amidst the frenetic activities all around is important! This Mindful Break activity sounds fun.

    • It’s actually not as hard as it sounds. And it’s just 15 days. Plus you’re free to dip in and out of the challenge, no stress! 🙂 Join in, I’m sure you’ll have fun!

  4. I had participated in this challenge earlier, it was fun.
    Glad you shared about the ongoing challenge.
    Will try and join, but it’s 6th hope I’m not late today.

  5. I love the overall theme of your blog as well as Insta. Did take part in TheMindfulBreak last year. Loved it. Looking forward to give it shot this year too. Keep the colorful work going modern gypsy 😀

    #MyFriendAlexa #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

  6. Wow! This sounds like just my kind of challenge. Im going to do the photography one and will rope in the hubby for the art one. Really looking forward to it.

  7. Love this, Shinjini. I’m doing #Inktober and #mandalatober, this month, but don’t wish to give this a miss, so I guess I’ll have to skip the art edition and focus on the photography one, instead.

    Insta handle: emdpix

  8. This is lovely, wish I had known this before. I will save this in calendar and will participate next year. Mindful breaks are much needed in such crazy work-life balance race. Also, just following the artist’s brushstrokes is such a relaxing therapy. Thanks for sharing this.

  9. Both sets are interesting! I will attempt both 🙂
    PS: what medium do you suggest to use for the art prompts as you say that we need to build up on it.
    thick paper and water colors? and color pencils? and pens and pencils and inks 🙂 🙂 🙂 hehe!

  10. Ohh wow..i am participating in this last three years in row but somehow missed the post before. just read this post today. loved it so much, will try to participate this year too.

  11. It’s a lovely challenge, one must take this mindful break to pause & acknowledge the beauty around. The prompts are quite interesting revolving around art.

  12. What an amazing challenge this is, being mindful is something we all need especially during these times. The prompts are quite interesting too 🙂

  13. Wow. This looks so like an interesting project. I’m glad i clicked on the post so i could learn more about it.
    Mindfulness is such an important thing to cultivate….. be aware of the moment and capture it! Amazing.
    I guess we should be following this when we go on trips. We so blindly click pictures without actually savouring the moment.

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