The Word: 2021

Word of the year 2021

My word of the year made itself known to me at the start of December. After Radiate showed me all the ways in which I still don’t trust myself, the word that showed up seemed rather apt. It was a word that had come under consideration in previous years too, but I’d passed it over. This would be its year, I thought.

Then, in mid-December, I did my annual year ahead tarot spread. The cards that came up didn’t feel like a great fit with the word that had presented itself. But instead of trying to puzzle it out, I decided to simply document my cards, make some notes, and go about my day.

While washing the dishes, my mind wandered over the cards I had drawn earlier in the day, and suddenly another word popped into my mind. The minute I said it out loud, I felt a tingle all over my body.

I knew *this* was the word. 

Mixed media portrait


That’s my word for 2021. Another word that I had passed over in previous years too, because it felt too “bold”. Finally, though, I am ready to embrace it.

To step into my personal sovereignty, my personal power, with strong boundaries over what I allow into my heart and mind. There’s a lot of work – necessary work – that I need to do to make all things sound. But this year, I finally feel ready to do it. 

It’s a bit terrifying, but then all good things are slightly scary, right? 

Sovereignty and I are already kicking off the year with a bang!

Something I’ve not confidently owned and expressed before is my approach to art. It’s more than just a hobby or a passion or a business – it’s a spiritual practice in the truest, deepest, most embodied sense of the word.

In this conversation with bestselling author and my dear friend Angie Rooker, I own my approach to art as a spiritual practice. We spoke about spirituality and its connection to creative self-expression {both art and writing}, asking the question “How can we move into our creative work with intention?” It’s free to watch on Angie’s network this month, after which it will become patron-only content.

Before you go, tell me this: do you have a word of the year?

Still to find a word of the year? Download the Visioning workbook – it’s designed to help you reflect on the year gone by, plan for the year to come, and choose a word for the year! Click on the Download now button below, and I’ll pop it right over to you!

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  1. What an intense word! I love how you describe art as more than just a passion or hobby. I believe only the truest of artists can reach its pure depth. Wishing you a powerful year. 🙂

  2. Wow! That is a powerful Word of the year. Hope you find it. I am also enjoying art these days, in its various forms. It is a truly satisfying medium. I had stayed away from it for reasons I can’t even remember now. Now back at it all over again for the peace it gives me. Happy New Year Sinjini.

  3. Wow ! May you enjoy the sovereignty you seek over your life and your happiness and of course be the Queen of hearts and all that you can see .
    I love this word. My word is embrace

  4. That’s an incredibly powerful word! Art is not just a hobby or passion – I absoluutely agree with you, Shinjini. It’s actually hurtful when people overlook the creative activity as a mindless choice that people with no particular job do to fill their empty time slots. That sense of spiritual connection that reigns a soul by creating art is often unseen and definitely unacknowledged by the mass population.
    All the best, Shinj!

    • Oh, I agree! That – and also the whole focus on monetizing your creativity. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, if someone wants to do it. These days though, it feels like that option is just not understood anymore…that creativity can be your calling and that a calling doesn’t necessarily have to make you money.

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