The magic of intuitive painting

On connecting to your intuitive voice, finding your intuitive flow, and creating paintings with depth

The magic of intuitive painting and how art mimics life

On this episode of The Art With Soul podcast, I talk about intuition and grace; the intuitive painting process and maintaining the flow between painting intuitively and painting more deliberately; and how these ideas and themes feed into art and life.

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“we forget that we have access to magic…”

During my years of painting intuitively, I’ve come to see the many ways in which art mimics life mimics art. Listening to my intuition on the canvas has helped me – to an extent – to listen to my intuition off the canvas too. And trusting my intuition while I paint has led to some of my most raw, authentic paintings!

I talk a little about how this process works – for me – in this episode.

Some of the things I talk about include:

  • How intuition really works
  • Recognizing moments of grace and its connection to intuition
  • How the intuitive painting process works
  • Maintaining the flow between intuitive and deliberate composition in your art
  • How art mimics life
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And here’s the painting that I referenced in – and that in some ways inspired – the podcast.

“We’ve all experienced moments of grace at some point in our lives. Moments when things unfolded in a way that was completely unexpected… in a way that almost felt magical, like there was someone out there who was listening to you and answering you. This guidance is always available to us, and that’s part of remembering your magic.”

Listen to the podcast now!

Additional resources

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  1. I love the colors in your painting! I’m saving the podcast to listen to soon. I’ve been thinking a lot about the connection between writing practice (which is more intuitive, free writing, stream-of-consciousness stuff) and writing deliberately, so I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this from the painting side.

    • Stream of consciousness writing can be quite a powerful practice too.! I hope this episode gives you some insights into the process – from the painting side. I’ll be interested in seeing how it works with the writing! 🙂

  2. “we forget that we have access to magic…”
    What a beautiful reminder and what a great inspiration for any creative exercise. I enjoy my free-writing exercise as an intuitive act, that comes from my state of mind at the point of writing. I have been illustrating and drawing over the past few months but I think I must try creating an intuitive painting too, at some point. Food for thought, for me!! 🙂

    Enjoyed your podcast as always, Shinjini!

    • So glad you enjoyed the podcast, Esha! And free-writing is something that I want to try on a much more regular basis too! I’ve done it a few times, and it’s very interesting, to see what comes up.

  3. love this i was making marks with ink while listening to your insights.I share some of the same feelings about “intuitive hits”
    loved this episode,Shinjini

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