5 top book recommendations for art journal newbies

An all-round selection of books that are guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing. Perfect for more seasoned art journalers too!

5 best books to help you start an art journal.

On this episode of the podcast, I’m sharing 5 of my top book recommendations for art journaling. These books are perfect for you if you’re new to art journaling. If you’ve been keeping an art journal for some time, you may still find something that interests you on this list! These books offer a variety of different approaches and techniques, and can help you avoid the pitfall of buying too many books that feel very similar in terms of content and scope.

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I’ve had quite a few people reach out to me for book recommendations on art journaling. It can be difficult to choose after all, as there is such a plethora of books available on the market! But picking the right books can really ignite your love for art and art journaling.

It’s also very easy to pick books that are very similar in terms of content and scope, and that can make all of them feel repetitive and also a little bit frustrating. To pre-empt that, I’ve chosen these books because they’re significantly different from each other in terms of their scope and approach to journaling.

Books mentioned on this episode:

Listen to the episode for my thoughts on these books and why I recommend them.

This is also the last episode of this season. I’m taking a break next month, and will return with season 3 in July.

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