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Some resources and invitations to soothe your tender heart

I thought I’d share this month’s issue of Gypsy Wanderings because these invitations feel like they need to be shared more widely, especially given the times we are in. I hope this also gives you a taste of the love letters I send out every month – intimate, personal, and filled with love and care. You can sign up for Gypsy Wanderings at the bottom of this post. xx

Hello loves,

It’s hard to believe that one year on, we are still held hostage by one small, constantly mutating virus. The chaos and destruction it has caused this time around in India – and on a global scale – is difficult to comprehend.

But where there has been death and despair, there has also been birth and love and hope. It can be very difficult to “be positive” in these times, ButAndAlso, we are simply not built to deal with this overwhelming tsunami of grief, guilt, fear, panic, and rage.

When grief lacerates us and anxiety overwhelms us, we need to find ways to heal. And, I believe, we also need to share the ways in which we cope.

For me, healing comes at the art table. I haven’t been able to paint too often, but whenever I have made myself pick up paintbrush and paints, I have felt the overwhelm start to move and shift out of my body.

If you’d like to try your hand at an expressive arts exercise, listen to this short podcast episode and watch this short mindful art practice video. And then just pick up your paintbrush and let your emotions flow.

If painting feels too overwhelming, why not try your hand at some simple DIY projects? You could try painting some old earthen lids or terracotta pots – all you need is some primer {gesso or house paints work well} and a few of your favourite paints {use acrylics or chalk paints for best results}. 

A lot of people recommend meditation or mindfulness as ways to deal with an overburdened mind, but these practices don’t work too well for me at such times. It’s not easy to “empty the mind” or even focus on the breath when your mind is caught in a rage/grief/anxiety/fear spiral, and mindfulness just turns into a feeling of numbness.

Instead, I find it more helpful to loose myself in some escapist fiction. It works best if I pick up a book first thing in the morning instead of checking the news or even my email. Two books that I just couldn’t put down were Beltane and The Storm Witch, both by Alys West. If you fancy a magic-based romance with a cast of characters featuring seers, witches, and druids, these books will have you spellbound (see what I did there?).

Losing myself in those novels helped me to curb doomscrolling. And once I was able to put some strict boundaries around how much time I spend on Twitter and news websites, it became relatively easier to manage my overwhelm and anxiety. It is only then that I was able to practice presence and also to meditate occasionally.

Because contrary to popular belief, meditation and mindfulness don’t always work when you’re smack dab in the middle of a downward spiral. More somatic, hands-on practices like art or writing can be relatively better to shift some of the anxiety first. Then, try meditating – or if that’s really not your jam, try some of the other tips here instead.

How do you cope with anxiety and overwhelm? What are the things in your tool box that help you cope in times like these? Do hit reply and let me know!

In the meantime….

If you need some distraction from *waves hands at all this* 

I wrapped up the second season of the Art with Soul podcast this month. While the podcast is on a month-long break, why not tune in and catch up with the episodes you’ve missed, or listen to a favorite once again? 

Watch some Netflix! We just finished watching Vikings {I know, I know, I’m very late to the party, but I finally broke down and got a Netflix subscription in October last year with a very strict “no binge watching” rule} and we absolutely loved the series. We were talking about Ragnar, Lagertha and Bjorn like they’re old friends, and wondering where the Gods would lead them next!

We’ve started watching Designated Survivor {the husband doesn’t realize it has 3 seasons…shhhh} and so far, it has us on the edge of our seat! 

Apart from Netflix, I’ve also been watching a lot of art videos and catching up on art courses that I had signed up for and not finished. I may not be in the right mind frame to show up regularly to the painty table, but watching art videos counts, right? 

If you want to learn – or get back to – drawing faces, why not join me in my latest art journal course – Inner YOU

In this art + soul course, I share some techniques to help you drop into your body, connect with your intuition, and draw out your inner healer – something I think we all need even more urgently at this time!

There’s also a section on understanding the power of your self-talk and how to turn it around in a way that doesn’t feel forced.

We will bring all of that to the painty table, where I will show you how to create a beautiful, soulful portrait that embodies your positive self-talk – your I AM statements.

Or grab a coloring book and color pencils if that’s all you have the bandwidth for at this time. Just for the record, I’m not a fan of coloring books, but I do understand that sometimes, they’re the best we can do. You’ll find a coloring page in the Wanderer’s Library that you can download and print. 

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Learn something new! I’ve been dipping into the lessons and community in Pull Pen Paint. Having my mind blown – in good ways! – with all the different insights and ideas shared by the teachers and students in the community gives my brain some interesting rabbit holes to go down, which again helps me to move my focus away from the anxiety-inducing news and towards learning new things. That’s always a win, in my book!

I also came across an interesting mini course by Jungian analyst James Hollis that deals with our yearning and longing for home. I have no idea how this course information landed in my inbox, but it felt like something I needed at this time. If you enjoy dipping your toes into Jungian psychology, it may be something you may enjoy too!

Until next time, I’m sending you so much love.

Stay home, stay safe, if you do have to step out, mask up!

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  1. You have definitely given us lots of choice to express and discover one’s creativity in order to find peace in this life of uncertainty and chaos. I regularly go back to my colouring book that requires concentration in colouring in the small spaces carefully. This is one activity that I enjoy with y grand daughter who colours her book while I colour mine. Recently I have been tempted with trying my hand at water colours……. There is something magical about the fluidity of the paint that’ changes’ with every stroke.

    • I can imagine you and your grand daughter happily coloring away. Such a peaceful image! And watercolors are a fun medium to explore. The thing I love about them most is how portable and easy to clean up they are – perfect if you don’t have a dedicated space for art!

  2. Loved this so much. I think I missed the email so glad that I found it here. I too find doing something with my hands more helpful than mindfulness right now. I have been concentrating on writing this epic fantasy story that’s giving me such a kick and vicarious escape that I’m loving it.

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