How to overcome decision fatigue and improve your art practice

Simple strategies that can help you overcome decision fatigue and make better art!

How to overcome decision fatigue in your art practice

On this episode of The Art with Soul podcast, I talk about decision fatigue and how it can impact your art practice. We’ll examine decision fatigue from the perspective of our art practice, look at how it impacts our buying – and hoarding – of art supplies, and touch on the performative aspect of some of our decisions.

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Throughout the day, we are confronted with a series of choices that we need to make. Some of these are relatively easy choices – like deciding what to have for breakfast. Others are more difficult. We are also confronted with a plethora of options from which we need to choose – right from choosing the next tea blend we want to try to choosing where to focus our our time and attention.

Unsurprisingly, then, we can sometimes find ourselves in our art studio, looking over the piles of collage fodder and paint tubes and art materials and find ourselves drawing a blank. We feel stuck and think we are blocked, when in reality, maybe we are just too overwhelmed to decide what to do! Hello, decision fatigue!

Tune in as I talk about

  • How to overcome decision fatigue in the art studio
  • The value of working with limitations
  • Making better choices at the art store {so you don’t end up with a much bigger-than-anticipated art supply haul!}
  • The impact of outside influences on our decisions
  • Plus, a painting formula that can help you break out of decision fatigue

And more!

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  1. This makes so much sense, Shinjini, especially with regard to buying unnecessary things and the social pressure. Asking why we are doing things is so important. I’ve been asking myself a lot of these questions lately. Thanks for underling things that I’ve been pondering on too.

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