September 2021: Tarot spread for the new moon in Virgo

Plus some journaling questions, an astro-tarot forecast, exploration of the the Sabian symbol, and additional resources for the September 2021 new moon in Virgo.

Tarot spread for the September 2021 new moon in Virgo

The September 2021 new moon falls in the sign of Virgo. The Virgo archetype is logical and practical, with an eye for detail and the steadfastness to go after their goals. This is a sign that thrives on meticulous planning, on honing skills to perfection and gaining mastery over their chosen vocation.

Spiritually, the Virgo archetype teaches the principle of devotion. One way to understand this principle is by looking at it through the lens of one’s devotion to their craft. While all the buzz seems to point towards profiting from your passion, there are numerous examples of famous writers and artists who held down a day job for most of their lives. Franz Kafka was an insurance clerk, Harper Lee was an airline ticketing agent, Mark Rothko was an elementary school teacher and Paul Gauguin was a stockbroker. They could all have given in to the dull drudgery of making a living, but they didn’t – and the world is much richer for their devotion to their craft.

There is a rather scattered quality to the energy of this new moon — a feeling of liminality and a longing for adventure. Balancing the push and pull of this energy could be a bit challenging. There’s also a sense of completion and a desire to try new things, as well as a need to bring some order into our lives. Old issues, patterns, or blocks could come up for another go-around or a final resolution, so keep your self-care toolbox close at hand. This would also be a good time for some healing and inner child work — some underlying issues may come up spontaneously for resolution.


Astro-tarot influences for the Virgo new moon

To throw some more light on the astrology of this new moon, let’s take a look at the astro-tarot influences of this lunation. The Virgo new moon falls in decan 2, which is represented by the 9 of Pentacles. This is to be interpreted in conjunction with The Hermit, which is associated with Virgo.

The Daily Pause Oracle Deck

I designed this beautiful, 40-card oracle deck to bring in some stillness, to give us a word or an idea to reflect on as we go about our day.

Supported by the four elements – earth, air, fire, water – and a carefully thought-out structure that connects the cards, The Daily Pause oracle will help you to listen to and trust your own inner knowing.

There’s no learning curve involved with using this deck. Just get quiet, shuffle the cards, pull one out, and reflect on the word you’re presented with.

The 9 of Pentacles represents mastery over our chosen vocation or profession. All of the hard work and the sleepless nights that we have spent honing our craft, building a career, are now coming to an end – it’s time to enjoy the fruits of our labor. The Hermit is an inward and solitary energy, and represents a time to pull away from society to find our own personal truth. It’s a call to reflect on our journey so far and to determine where we want to go from here.

The road to achieving mastery is often a long, mostly solitary journey. It takes dedication, resilience and focus to hone in on your craft or vocation; to resist the immediate pleasures that twinkle and sparkle in the periphery of your vision. Moments of self-doubt can threaten to derail all of your efforts. And yet, you persevere. And still, you continue to strive.

Take a moment to pause, to look around you, to observe everything that you have accomplished; everything that you have achieved; all the ways in which you have grown. Take a moment to just savor it all. To acknowledge your growth. It is easy to lose sight of how far you have come if you don’t stop and look at your journey. It is easy to blow right past your initial goal and not realize that you’ve achieved what you had set out to do.


It is important to stop, look up, look around, celebrate your wins. It’s perfectly valid to sit on your laurels for a while. There is too much emphasis on constant production and not enough on rest and celebration.

This Virgo new moon reminds you to stop for a while and celebrate your achievements. Even if you feel like you still have a long way to go; even if you’re chomping at the bit to begin a new project; even if you think it is somehow wasteful or prideful to celebrate yourself — perhaps even more so then! Given the push and pull energy of this new moon, its important to take some time to acknowledge your achievements, even as you set your sights on the new peaks that you wish to scale.

This Virgo new moon can give any new creative seeds you plant just the boost they need to flourish and bloom. All that you need is a focused mind and a clear vision {which comes when you are well-rested}.

Sabian Symbol for the September 20210 new moon

The Sabian Symbol for Virgo 14 degrees is A Fine Lace Ornamental Handkerchief.

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This symbol reminds me of my grandmother. Her old, wrinkled hands, which were rarely still; the smell of talcum powder and Boroline; her pale pink saris and the papery thin skin that enclosed her fragile bones.

There’s a unique kind of magic in this symbol — of unconditional love, ancestral lines, family lineage, and heritage. Of things of beauty created with love. Of mastery and industriousness and love and longing. Of the fragility of the heart and the grace of living. Of the feminine, unfolding in her sweet, beautiful glory.


Tarot spread for the September 2021 new moon

Here’s a tarot spread to tap into the energy of this Virgo new moon.

Tarot spread and journaling questions for the September 2021 new moon in Virgo

Before you begin, think of a project that you want to initiate during this moon cycle.

  1. Soul: The soul of my project
  2. Heart: What energy will support it
  3. Body: What concrete steps do I need to take next
  4. Mind: What do I need to be aware of that could derail me
  5. Mama moon says: This is always an encouraging message

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Journal prompts for the Virgo new moon

Not a cardslinger? No problem. Here are some journaling questions for you instead.

  1. Take a few moments to reflect on all that you have achieved or accomplished so far this year. No matter how big or small, list it all down.
  2. Spend a few moments to list down all of the projects that you’ve been wanting to work on. Make this a working list – keep adding to it so you have all your ideas in one place. You can choose to begin a project from this list during this moon cycle, if you wish.
  3. If you find the energy of this new moon challenging, free write. Set a timer for 10 minutes (this is optional) and let your pen keep moving.

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