100 days to finding your art style

A creative reframe of the 100 day project and how you can approach it to develop your artistic vision and style.

How the 100 day project can help you find your own art style

On the first episode of season 4 of the Art with Soul podcast, we talk about different ways to approach the 100 day project; discuss process over product; and see how a gentle reframe of this popular challenge can help you develop your own visual language and style.

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There’s a palpable buzz within the artist community as the date for the 100 day project draws near. Announcements of projects go up, artists who have been doing the project since a few years offer up tips, others create and share planners to keep their projects on track, and social media fills up with everyone’s creative displays.

On the flip side, there are artists who find the 100 day project overwhelming; who don’t know what to focus on; or even if they can sit down and do something for 100 consecutive days.

What if I told you that there is a way to reframe the 100 day project in ways that could work for you? What if you had the permission to finish your 100 day project over the course of the year, instead of in a little over three months?

Tune in, as I talk about

  • focusing on process over product
  • how the 100 day project can help you develop your own art style
  • using the 100 day project to teach yourself a new art style
  • tips for focusing on product over process without burning out
  • and much more!

As I touched on episode 3 of this podcast, the 100 day project can be an excellent way to develop a regular art practice. If you’ve been on the fence about the project, have tried and failed before, or been too afraid to give it a go, I hope this episode of the Art with Soul podcast offers you some inspiration to reframe the 100 day project in a way that works for you!

“The 100 day project could lead you to finding or developing your voice and style, especially if you approach it as process rather than product. There’s also no rule that says you have to create or paint for 100 consecutive days. Take breaks — and if your project just doesn’t spark joy, drop it — guilt free! Because your creative practice shouldn’t make you frustrated and unhappy.”

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