September 2022: Tarot spread for the new moon in Libra

Plus some journaling questions, an astro-tarot forecast and an exploration of the the Sabian symbol for the September 2022 new moon in Libra.

Tarot spread and astro-tarot forecast for the September 2022 new moon in Libra

The September 2022 new moon falls in the sign of Libra. The Libra archetype is closely associated with justice and maintaining balance in social interactions and within the self. They are the true diplomats among the zodiac archetypes, and focus on fair dealings in all their relationships.

Spiritually, the Libra archetype teaches the principle of intimate balance, of the ability to remain centered and true to yourself no matter what may be going on around you. This is a skill that can be particularly helpful for those of us who turn up our noses at societal expectations as we dance to the tune of our own drum beat. Being able to remain centered is also an important skill to have if you’re surrounded by toxic people – and in these times, even toxic politics! One of the easiest ways to remain centered is through the breath, and by being able to distinguish between the things that are in your control, and those that aren’t.


The September 2022 new moon also asks us to examine our relationship to the things we value, the things we own, and the things we covet, as well as the motivations that drive our desire to acquire what we acquire.

Astro-tarot influences for the September 2022 new moon

To throw some more light on the September new moon astrology, let’s take a look at the astro-tarot influences of this lunation. The Libra full moon falls in decan 1, which is represented by the Two of Swords. This is to be interpreted in conjunction with Justice, which is associated with Libra.

The Daily Pause Oracle Deck

I designed this beautiful, 40-card oracle deck to bring in some stillness, to give us a word or an idea to reflect on as we go about our day.

Supported by the four elements – earth, air, fire, water – and a carefully thought-out structure that connects the cards, The Daily Pause oracle will help you to listen to and trust your own inner knowing.

There’s no learning curve involved with using this deck. Just get quiet, shuffle the cards, pull one out, and reflect on the word you’re presented with.

Blindfolded with swords crossed across the heart center — the imagery on the 2 of Swords is rather appropriate for the overculture within which we have to, quite literally, find ourselves. Rapacious consumerism, constant hustle, numbing feelings, dissociating with difficulties, overcoming and transcending (which often are code for bypassing) all our difficulties, is it any wonder that we sometimes end up, in the middle of the night, wide awake with no notion of who we are or what really matters to us?

Untangling our lives and our identities from what we’ve been conditioned to focus on and chase, even when our heart isn’t really in it, is the work that is most urgent during this Libra new moon. Good thing, then, that there’s an expansive and gentle energy to this moon, supporting us as we seek to tune out and tune in.

But this isn’t always an easy task, is it? We second guess ourselves. We don’t trust the call to a life that looks different from the one that the overculture tells us we should want. We are unsure and confused if what we want is valid. So conditioned are we to the hustle, that we often balk at the voice tells to not hustle. More often that not, we are worried that maybe we are just giving up…convinced that if we took just one more step, one more course, read one more book, our lives would suddenly change…that the carrot that has been dangling just out of our reach, will suddenly be within our grasp.


So how do we tap back in to what we truly value, and live our life in accordance with what is important to us? Blindfolded, with swords crossed across the heart center: Blocking out the voice of the overculture. Protecting our tender hearts and our quiet longings. Learning to get back into our bodies…our lives…remembering what is important to us, what truly matters. And bringing a sense of discernment and balance to the answers that we find.

Finding our way back to ourselves is rarely a once and done thing. It is often a slow, unfolding process, and this new moon helps us to unfurl and unfold a little bit more.

Sabian Symbol for the September 2022 new moon

The Sabian symbol for Libra 2 degrees is The Dawn of a New Day Reveals Everything Changed.

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This is such a hopeful symbol of renewal and restoration and awakenings and beautiful new beginnings. And if things have been difficult or confusing recently, there’s a hint of promise here too. Not necessarily a sudden, dramatic change — the Sabian Symbols are, well, symbolic after all.

But, as Linda Hill writes in 360 Degrees Of Wisdom: The Sabian Oracle, “There may need to be major changes in attitude with the new situation or information before you, and sometimes these changes are hard to adjust to, especially if what’s happening hasn’t been your idea or your desired outcome. Take heart, realize that the darkness is abating, and gradually let go of what went before. Realize that it’s come time to let go of the old conditions and move on.”


Tarot spread for the new moon in September 2022 new moon

Here’s a tarot spread to tap into the energy of this Libra new moon.

Tarot spread and journaling questions for the September 2022 new moon in Libra.

1. Tune out: This card represents a thought pattern or energy that is coming up for release

2. Tune in: This card represents a new thought pattern or energy that is coming in to awareness — a new way of being

3. Protect: What you need to guard against, most likely from the overculture

4. Nurture: What new way of being you’re being called to nurture

5. Mamma moon says: This is always an encouraging message

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Resources for the new moon in Libra

Instead of journaling questions, I’m sharing a few somewhat counter-cultural articles with you. Read the ones that appear interesting {or bookmark this post and read them all} and see if they spark an alternative viewpoint or lead to interesting questions or musings.

The cult of productivity: Tracing the rise of toxic productivity and re-examining the true role of productivity and acts of maintenance.

My grandmother’s hands: in favor of leisure: Caught up in the never-ending hustle and the unending daily grind, we’ve forgotten the meaning and importance of leisure. How do we find some sort of balance in our lives? A better equilibrium between work and leisure?

On embracing the joy of missing out: What it really means to resist the attention economy, focus on depth, find your center and embrace the joy of missing out

My year of no shopping by Ann Patchett

Pair the above article with this post on undertaking a depth year

And this one on Breaking the spell of capitalism: An interview with anti-capitalist visionary Toi Smith

New moon blessings, moonbeams!


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