How to use washi tape in your art journal

Pull out your favorite washi tapes and make an art journal page with me!

How to use washi tape in your art journal

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you probably know that I almost always paint intuitively. It’s very rare for me to plan a page in advance. But, I also like to challenge myself, because that’s the best way to learn and grow!

So for this particular piece, which I did for an Instagram challenge called Seek, Gather, Create, I went in with a bit of planning. I knew some of the elements that I wanted — maps, a moon, some masking tape — based on the challenge prompts. But instead of putting it all together intuitively, I decided to come to the page with a broad idea of what I wanted to paint.

Watch the process: Using washi tape in your art journal

You can hear some of my initial ideas for this page here and watch me bring those ideas alive on the page — or not!

It took me some time and some thinking to pull this page together, but it was a fun experiment. I really love how the stamping integrated the washi tape into the art journal spread, so it doesn’t look like bits of tape floating on the page. And bringing in my own washi tape, from the designs I created during my 100 days of washi tape project, just added that extra bit of oomph to the page, non?

I hope you enjoyed watching this spread come to life, and that you will try adding some washi tape to your next art journal spread. I know I will — in fact, I already have some ideas involving paper, stitch, and washi tape that I cannot wait to try!

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How to use washi tape in art journal
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