4 life lessons I learnt from my cat

A fine balancing act

That’s Pepo, my adorable furry friend. She adopted us on 15 July 2009, and has been a constant source of entertainment for us ever since. In addition to entertaining us, she also strives to teach us mere humans some lessons, cat style!

  1. Act first, think later: Pepo’s a house cat, which means she spends hours watching birds through the window.  In this picture, she’s clambered up onto the top of the window, near the ceiling, and after having her fill of bird watching, is looking for a way back down. She knows one of us will come get her!
    Translated to us humans: Just do it! Don’t think. The more you think, the more reasons you can give yourself to not do something to break out of your comfort zone. Act and trust in the universe, things will almost always work out — 99.99% of the time!
  2. Want something? Be cute: One of Pepo’s favorite things to do is to go out on to the balcony and drink water or sit on the ledge and watch the world go by. Since she’s a house cat, these excursions are under supervision. So, once we are back from work, her first request, nay demand, is to be taken out. The best way to get her demand met? Be cute!
    Translated to us humans: When you want to be recognized for the work you do, you need to move out of the mindset of letting your work speak for yourself — you need to focus on building strong relationships with your managers. It doesn’t mean you have to suck up to them, but small talk, going along with their plans, and problem solving as much as possible wouldn’t hurt.
  3. When I’m playing football, I’m Ronaldo!: Yes, Pepo plays football…with balled up paper…and when she’s playing, she’s Christiano Ronaldo incarnate! Focused, quick, nothing but the game matters – not food, not going out, nothing!
    Translated to us humans: Focus, hard work and perseverance will help you achieve any goal. The best way I’ve found to stick with it: write your goals, break them into baby steps, reward yourself for every milestone achieved, don’t beat yourself up for missing a target – analyze what went wrong, fix it, and go for it again!
  4. Sleep above all else: The amount of time Pepo spends sleeping can leave you amazed! On weekends, she sleeps, eats, plays, sleeps, plays, sleeps…you get the drift, right?
    Translated to us humans: (1) You need downtime baby! There’s no way you can go on and on and on, working, running the house, looking after everyone else before yourself. Make some “me time” — meditate, go get a manicure, watch a movie or grab lunch with a friend…something, anything, that is only for you!
    (2) There may be times when we wish we had 48 hrs in a day, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon — can you imagine a 16 hr work day? Yuck! The best way to be productive — plan, focus, and ensure you get adequate shut eye, or your body’s going to rebel on you, and then you won’t be able to get anything done!

Has your furry friend taught you any life lessons?

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  1. Love this post – what you say is so true, and I love how you used your cat to make your points! Hmm, I will need to think about your question; my dog Killer (yes, I know but I didn’t name him!), may he rest in peace, was quite the unique character and he knew how to get his point across.The one thing I learned from him, is that perseverance and determination get you what you want (in his case, he wanted to be taken out for super crazy power walks with me and also, a really big bone).


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  3. This post is awesome. We can always learn from our animals, their motives are so pure. I love your human translations, especially for #2, the “be cute” tip from Pepo, I think too many people take that too literally and think cuteness is enough, but in the human world “cute” is subjective, whereas interpersonal relationships are universally valued – PERFECT!
    I’ll be stumbling this one!

  4. I love your tip to write down goals and then break them down into baby steps. It makes it so much easier to achieve those goals when you ren’t overwhelmed by the “bigness” of them.

    • Yes, I find that it helps me to focus and manage things better when they’re bite sized. Of course, after setting all the goals and breaking them down, I also have to keep myself motivated to follow through! But that’s a whole other ballgame! 😉

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