{O} An ode to an ordinary life

“Buy this dress!” “Go on this holiday!” “Look at this shiny new gadget that will change your life!

Buy these things, the advertisements tell us, and you’ll be breaking out of the ordinary.

But, what’s so bad with ordinary anyway?

Look behind those screaming advertisements. There’s a case to be made for an ordinary life. A life filled with love, laughter, companionship. A life where you have the time and energy to be present with your loved ones. Where people matter more than material objects. It’s a life filled with contentment, love, play, friends, family.


But what about aspirations? Passions? Goals?

Follow them! Dreams and goals, even if they are extraordinary, isn’t opposed to an ordinary life. But thinking your dream or goal or passion is the only way to happiness is a fallacy. You need to recognize that life is ordinary, and you need to find happiness in that.

If you can’t find happiness in your day-to-day living, what makes you think you will find happiness if you live in an Italian village? Or run the marathon? Or get your photographs or articles published?

The day-to-day is just that – the daily cycle of work, family, friends, love, responsibility. Instead of running away from them, or wanting “more”, you can find happiness and contentment and joy in them. Because it really is enough.

When you are content with life, when you aren’t constantly wanting to be “great”, you’ll find that you’ve freed up so much energy to embrace opportunity, to dream, to imagine. And that’s when extraordinary things can happen – if you want them to.

So no, you are not meant for greatness. It is not your birthright.

But you are meant for good things. And good things can be found in an ordinary life.

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