On my art table: Fierce warrior

Art journal spread - fierce warrior

This is among my favorite paintings! It’s my first – and come to think of it, only – experiment with doing just half a face. And there’s something about it that I simply love. The strength of her gaze, that shock of orange hair set against a black background, the subtle shading of her face.

Every time I see her, she reminds me to channel my inner warrior. To continue to fight for the things I believe in. To strip away the lies and falsehoods that I’ve been feeding myself. She reminds me to stand strongly centered in my strength, to call bullshit when I see it, to be fiercely protective of my spirit. She’s my very own fierce warrior!

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  1. My Take on this Picture!

    The stroke of bold black background is reflecting the radiance of new creation.

    The lady is the life force of this creation with orange hair and her orange is remitting the rays of “A new Dawn”.

    Beads in that rays are the cosmos; intertwined in a system; which are beautified by the orange dawn rays.

    Her green eyes are reflecting the hopes of the mankind and her red lips the life force.

    Slight strokes of red and black on her cheek and skin are the reflection of problems that one has to face in life and her smile is about the battle to be fought righteously and won.



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