On my art table: Figurative landscape


I’m guessing by now you’ve realized that I love painting girls. While most of my girls are whimsical, I’ve been wanting to experiment a bit more with form and abstraction. This is one of my first few attempts.

I’ve deliberately left some of her features undefined, but she’s not yet as abstract as I would like.

It feels like a risk to make her disappear some more…

to blur the lines between her and the landscape in which I’ve placed her. But, I need to remember that it’s just paper and paint. If I push too far or don’t like what I create, I can always start over.

Quite a simile for life too, don’t you think? Moving out of our comfort zones can be hard, but the benefits far outweigh the risks. Plus, life always gives you a chance to course correct, or even to do things over. Yet, we are sometimes so hesitant to even try!

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  1. It looks to me like she’s standing near a bridge, or a harbor, maybe waiting for a ship to take her away somewhere. Mixed emotions, having to leave where she is, yet eager to be where she’s going. 🙂

    • Thanks! Although these days I feel like I’m choosing “safe” options when I use blue, purple or red for hair. I think I need to experiment with something more radical now! 😀

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