On my art table: Evolve


I drew her in my moon journal this year. A reminder to evolve – to be brave enough to emerge from the cocoon, to break down the walls I’ve built up to protect myself, but which only keep me entrapped and prevent me from growing.

It can be a slow process, this metamorphosis from a protective cocoon to a butterfly. But it’s such a beautiful process. Creation and destruction, much like the cycle of life itself, don’t you think?

Do you need a reminder to evolve? You can buy art and canvas prints, notebooks, coasters, and more featuring this piece in my Cupick store. I’ll be adding more art work on there regularly, so do follow me there for updates!

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  1. She’s wonderful! I love the texture in her hair. The piece reminds me of some of the projects we do in a year-long art class I’m enrolled in (Lifebook). What are your favorite art journaling supplies?

    • Thanks Nicole! I love acrylics, it’s what I use most often. It can be very frustrating too, sometimes, but it’s definitely my go-to supply! I also like using inktense pencils with gesso.

  2. Hi. This is my first time at your blog. After this I went to the previous one and the one before and before and read four back to back and then finally downloaded the ebook. I also paint but had never realised that I could have an art journal. Infact half of my paintings are eating dust because I put them on the wall. Not doing that ever again. But may be because I am not too much of a painter. Its just that I like replicating things. I don’t have too much of my own creativity, anyway! I am super duper glad to have finally landed up here! Only god knows why didn’t I do that earlier. Following you on Feedly! 🙂

    • Hello and welcome here! I’m so glad you like what you saw! And just so you know, no matter what medium you use (except maybe oil paints cause those take forever you dry!) you can use it in an art journal – acrylics, watercolors, pencils, pastels (even oil pastels), mixed media, everything is fair game! I hope you find the book helpful; I hope it sparks ideas for you; and if you have any questions, feel free to ask away! I hope to see you here more often! 😀

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