Ebook review: Got me for life by Chandni Moudgil

Women. Are they complex creatures or the simplest of beings? The answer is perhaps not as simple.

In a series of 26 short stories, explore the world of EveryDay Women with me. They aren’t the superheroes who claim to save the world. They are the ones who form a part of your world.

They can create magical moments, make or break people, manipulate relationships, slip in and out of roles or refuse to fit into one at all. They are the real women in our lives. But the common thread that binds these fascinating women is , they don’t need anyone to make their world better – they have themselves for life.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you find a bit of someone you know in each of them.

Let the stories begin?

Oh yes, do let the stories begin! Chandni’s got quite a gift for storytelling. She builds up situations and characters and you think the story is going one way, but then off it goes in the most unexpected, thrilling direction.

For instance, Beauty with a purpose is about a venture capitalist tycoon and his trophy wife who seem to have the perfect life, but then, who really wears the crown? Coffee needs company tells the story of a girl who dreamed of opening a coffee shop with her boyfriend, but then he dumped her, and her dreams were shattered, or were they? In Isn’t it ironic, the one who is always second best manages to beat the one who is always best in the arena where it matters most.

One of my favorite stories in this collection is Everlasting Love – a girl waits for a boy at a table by the poolside. While she waits for him, she thinks of the:

Polaroid pictures , hand written letters , love of food–his for cooking , hers as a critic & affinity to water–being of the same zodiac sign. They had so much in common.Definitely destiny more than design was at play here.

Does destiny play out for them as she hoped they would?

You’ll just have to read the book to find out!

You can download a free copy of the book here.

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