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Yesterday I told you about my struggle to draw a mandala. Today, I want to show you my first ever unicorn and phoenix drawings. Unlike the mandala, which made me cry buckets of tears, these were fairly straightforward. I got them right on my first practice run, and then I just took a deep breath and drew them out on the page.

Sure, the unicorn could use some more work – his mane looks like it’s stuck on to his body! – but for a first try, I’m pretty happy with him! And I’m totally in love with this phoenix! In fact, I recently reimagined her in another piece – you can take a look see on my instagram feed, and while you’re at it, do follow me there too!

So why these two animals, you ask? Because they came to me during a meditation as my animal companions, and I loved the meanings associated with them.

The phoenix represents death and rebirth, transformation and regeneration. It’s the protector of all fire. This totem gives hope in the midst of despair.

The unicorn gives you the ability to make your dreams come true. It has the ability to restore broken spirits and helps you develop your own personal power.

Pretty interesting, right? Here’s a guided meditation to help you find your power animal if you so wish.

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This piece was created as part of a lesson on Lifebook.
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  1. I love the phoenix more than the unicorn. 🙂 Maybe it reminds me of Fawkes, not sure. And the girl seems to be blushing too. Beautiful. Enjoying my daily visits here…

  2. Strange. I commented, but it has gone to spam I think 🙁 I am glad to stop by here every day, and I’m enjoying your artwork a lot. 😀 I love the phoenix more than the unicorn, MG. and the girl seems to be blushing too. Very nice.

  3. Loved seeing this artwork. The unicorn is nice, but I love, love, love the phoenix more. And the blush on the girl’s cheeks. 🙂

    Here’s hoping third time’s the charm, and Akismet has the sense to know that I am not spam.

    • Silly Akismet, putting your lovely comments in spam! Thank you for dropping by everyday & for being so persistent in leaving me a comment. Much appreciated!

      I’m in love with the Phoenix too! 🙂

  4. Beautiful, the entire effect of the painting is awesome, and as u told that was your first try, am sure you’ll do super work in next attempt. Lately, you’re motivating me to pick up the brush and paint. I’ll be doing it soon. Plus, do sketch and paint cats as well.. cutie cutie cats of white and gray and black fur..

    • Thank you so much! Personally, I don’t think everyone necessarily needs to understand art, unless they’re an art critic or curator, of course. I think arts role is to move you, the viewer, in some way. I tend to like art that makes me happy, or makes me feel peaceful or meditative, or transports me to a fantasy land, and that’s what I try to achieve when I paint. 🙂

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