Journey of a Seeker: What is the meaning of life?

We are all on a journey through this roller coaster that we call life. We all try to understand it as best as we can. Some of us turn to scriptures to find the meaning of life, others to philosophy, and still others to spirituality. And then there are the rationalists, who believe that life is simply a string of random – or logical – events and then you die.

There is no one answer to describe this journey – there rarely is. There is the answer that resonates with you.

what is the meaning of life

As for me, I have increasingly come to believe that: We are spiritual beings having a human experience Click To Tweet

We are more than just our bodies, more than just our minds. There is a part of us that is timeless and evolving – that is the part we call our soul. Our soul is a fragment of the divine consciousness come to this plane to experience what it means to be human. It is the part of ourselves that is beyond time and space, beyond the mundane motions of daily life. It is here to experience a certain set of circumstances, determined by the place and parents we are born to. And from those building blocks, it then urges us to remember who we are at our core – that despite every hardship around us, we are a divine spark that is built of unconditional love.

And if we are unconditional love, if we carry within our DNA that magical universal consciousness, how can we imagine that anything we go through is meant to break us? Or that it is our fate to suffer? How can we imagine that we are unloved or forgotten or unworthy?

We are here, in this huge cosmic playground, to experience it all – love, joy, sorrow, heartbreak, success, failure, defeat, rejection, acceptance. And to remember that no matter these transient events, these daily challenges and tears and joy and laughter, we have the capacity to be love. To rise and go forward. To persevere.

Not just with our human frailties, but with our divine magnificence – with some help and guidance from our soul team and our higher self. And this is where belief and intuition come in. It is the map by which we remember our way home…by which we remember who we are – that we are bigger than our circumstances, that we can overcome anything, that we have the resilience to deal with the life that we are given, and that despite everything, we are loved.

Intuition is a gift that everyone has. Some of us have forgotten it, and like any forgotten muscle, we need to exercise it. There are a lot of ways to tap into intuition – tools like pendulums and tarot/oracle cards help, as do meditation and stillness practices, energy work, movement practices and sound therapy. The ways are many – we need to try a few, choose the ones that resonate, and walk our path with love.

The despair won’t go away. The tough times may not magically disappear. But they will lose their power to devastate you as much once you realize the truth: You are a divine spark and you are never alone Click To Tweet

What do you believe is the meaning of life?

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  1. I strongly believe in the power of intuition. Sometimes I have acted on my intuition and it has been a fruitful experience. I guess most of us are blessed with a bit of it and can make most out of it if we try and tap into it.

    • I read an interesting quote yesterday that went something like this: “That thing we call intuition is the voice of your soul. You can trust it.” We all have it, some of us just haven’t tuned in properly to it. But once we are on its frequency, it can guide us in amazing ways!

  2. So needed to hear this today. These words – “that we are bigger than our circumstances, that we can overcome anything” – just helped me clear some thoughts I have been struggling with.

  3. Meaning of life for me is to live in present so that we create beautiful memories and await with a great hope for ever assuring future!
    I agree that we are far more than what we think we are… we are a sum total of innumerable experiences which is just beyond limit of human calculations!
    Life is an amazing phenomenon after all, so why not live it to the fullest!
    A very soul searching post.
    – Anagha From Team MocktailMommies

    • That is a beautiful way to live, too. Present, in each moment, with hope always alight in our hearts. It may be difficult sometimes, but then life is made up of it all – ease and difficulty, light and shadow!

  4. Deep thoughts for this Monday morning brain, but I go first to what I’ve known first: “The chief end of man (and woman) is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.”
    And, of course, if I devote myself to my chief end, all the other ends will fall into place — but not necessarily in the way I image. It’s a wild ride, but I’m not on the roller coaster alone.
    Blessings to you!

  5. I’m a strong believer in intuition, MG. Had the craziest of dreams around my Mom’s illness that prepared me for her passing. I strongly believe we are never tested beyond our reserves and resources.

    • It has been the biggest battle for all of us! I have to keep reminding myself of these words sometimes too. I believe that spirituality is a spiral path – we learn, stumble, get up and go forth again. xx

  6. I totally believe in instincts and gut feelings. Also, at the same time, we need to sharpen and hone our senses through yoga/ meditation and lots of positivity. If not done, we might tend to get lost or feel confused at times.

  7. The safest thing I can say about the meaning of life is i dont know. Sometimes I am one of the rationalists. On the other hand, I have strong intuitions esp about myself.. like during both my pregnancy i was very sure I was having boys

  8. Once upon a time, I think I had a rather strong intuition. I tried to listen to it often. After a string of people came and went in my life, all of whom discouraged me to use it, I forgot how to listen. I am slowly learning to reconnect with my intuition.

  9. I too believe in the concept of Soul and how it is far beyong body and mind. Also Love. Love is such a positive emotion that once it is out there in the universe it keeps growing and spreading. In the real world love breaks and people fall apart, but the goodness of their love continues to thrive in some part of the universe.

  10. I think I have good intuition – I sometimes get a really strong feeling that something is wrong and I’m often proved right. However, a few years ago, I had depression and so I got a “bad feeling” about lots of things, and had this constant sense of impending doom and actually it was just the depression. It took me a long to to learn NOT to rely on my feelings because they are not always reliable. It’s about finding a balance. I also pray because I don’t believe humans can have all the answers. #mg

  11. It is such a huge question, I do believe I am here to make a difference to at least one person, hopefully more, I believe if I can help anyone then I have done good with my gift of life. My intuition is pretty strong, recently I really hoped it was wrong but it was proven right and I was so disappointed that it was right, someone who I had every reason to believe was an innocent, good person turned out to have a very unhealthy reasons and was trying to manipulate me. I am glad now I trusted my instinct even though I wanted to be wrong. I have often predicted some pretty big things. Really amazing post, so glad you shared this with #mg

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