Monthly Tarot Forecast for October 2017

It’s officially almost the last quarter of the year! I have to admit this is my favorite time of the year. The festive season is kicking off, winters are setting in, making it a beautiful in-between time of outward gaiety and inward reflection. Anyway, here is your Tarot forecast for October 2017.

Monthly Tarot forecast for October 2017

Remember, this is a general Tarot reading for October and my intention with this one was: What do my blog readers need to know this month.

This is quite an interesting set of cards, I must say! It speaks so clearly to where I am on with my journey, and to the journeys of others that I have been witnessing. Traditionally, the 5 of Pentacles speaks of hardship and disease; to feelings of being an outsider looking in as others seem to have the things that you most desire.

With Diwali around the corner in India, it could literally point to overspending or feeling like you need to keep up with the Joneses. BUT, I would really invite you to look at this from a much deeper angle.

Where in your life are you feeling dis-ease? What have you been struggling with recently – it could be projects or work; something on the home front; relationships; maybe even your spirituality or creativity. What are you searching for that you think is “out there” – could it be that you are not recognizing that is “in here” already?

I think the real theme of this month is to sit with the dis-ease, to rip off the mask of separateness and victimhood, and to really understand where and how we may have given up our sovereignty.This work is really apt for this time of the year. As the season turns into winter, as the days grow darker and shorter, we too are called to turn inwards – to examine the contours of our lives, to look at the shadows so we can heal them and bring them back into the light.

The challenge, if we choose to accept it, is to see where and how we have been giving our power away. Where have we abdicated responsibility for our lives? Where have we let the outside voices of fear and hate and division create a more-often-than-not false sense of separateness and fear? Where have we let others dictate the course of our lives? What have we allowed to grow bigger than the whisper of our heart, of our soul, of our path, of our very life?

When we can see and understand that we have the power to choose how we walk through this world, when we can truly understand that no one else has the power to make us feel small or less than unless we let them, we can finally begin to come into wholeness…into balance…into sovereignty. It’s a constant dance, this remembering and forgetting and remembering again.

Will you dance? I know I will!

I hope this reading resonated with you. Do let me know in the comments!

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  1. I always seem to be at a stage in my life where I have to reflect , ponder and regroup. But as the year comes to an end , I do begin to evaluate how I’ve utilised the time gone by. Have I adhered to any of my resolutions? Have I made any progress or change in my life ? Thanks for this reading

    • Reflection and regrouping are pretty regular patterns in my life too! This is a really good time of the year to start taking stock of the year gone by and planning for the year to come.

  2. I have been to a reader 3 times in my life. The first two, when I went to them, kept wanting me to bring more money for them to get a “clearer” reading from the cards. The third, was so accurate and spot on. It was amazing and surprising. It’s funny that you started the post with reference to feeling like the outsider because that’s what I tend to feel most of the time. This is also the time of year where I start to get reflective as the year begins to wind down.

    • There are so many readers who are less than ethical – the same as in almost any other profession! You should never have to pay a reader any extra money for a “clearer” reading or for removing curses etc. Glad you had a good experience too, so now you know what to look for in a good Tarot reader! 🙂

  3. Tonight, in the religion I was born into, begins the holiest day in our observance We are supposed to have spent the last few days in reflection, seeking forgiveness of others, and pondering how to repair what might be broken, both in our own lives, and in the world. In other words, this is our time for self review and, indeed, at the end, we are judged and “sealed” for another year. And yet, it is hard for me to find that stillness.

    • Stillness is something that we need to cultivate. It can be hard sometimes, though! This sounds like a wonderful ritual for this time of the year – there are elements of it that I use in December, when I’m wrapping up the current year and preparing to embrace the coming year.

  4. I started to give my power away in my last relationship. I’m still struggling with that loss even though I know in my heart of hearts is was the best thing for me to do. Still leaving someone you loved isn’t easy so that has been a dis-ease for me lately. I have also struggled lately with creativity and my sense of purpose. I know I’m on the threshold of something great but right now it has been a struggle and cause for deep self-reflection. Looking at the cards from the perspective of dis-ease is a great opportunity for looking inward. #mg

  5. I was recently assaulted by someone and it really shook me to my core, but I refuse to be a victim to anyone. For me now it is time for self care and sharing love and happiness with the wonderful people around me who make me feel safe. #mg

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