On my art table: Zentangled birdie

I’m not much of a doodler, but when I am stressed, I find myself turning to Zentangles. It’s just so calming to put on some music and focus on creating intricate patterns.

What are Zentangles, you ask?

It’s a method that was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas as a way to increase focus and creativity, provide artistic satisfaction, and create an increased sense of personal well being. And all you need to get started is paper, pencil and a black pen!

Click here to read more about the nuts and bolts of creating Zentangles.

I created this particular piece on 180 gsm paper. The background was painted with acrylic inks, and then I sketched the birdie and spent a few relaxing hours zentangling! This lovely little birdie now graces the cover of a small handmade book that I made last year. I’m planning to make a few more of these and put them up for sale, soon!

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  1. That is so beautiful. I learned something new today about art. It indeed looks like peaceful activity to calm our minds.

  2. These are gorgeous! I have always wanted to create these myself. Got the black doodling pens. now it’s time to download your gift and get going 🙂

  3. I love Zentangling. Started a few years back, but off late have been out of touch. Maybe a gentle prod from your blog post to get started. After all I recently bought those multi-coloured zentangling pens too!! :))
    I love the background of your birdie. <3

  4. Wow! Never knew about ‘ zentangling ‘. This is so beautiful. You are so creative, I must say! Wish I had a creative nerve in me.

  5. That is such a cute birdie, Shinjini!
    I am participating in the Inktober 2017 ink fest this month. I am making sketches with zentangle designs within, and frankly, it is addictive! You wish you could just doodle on and on! And, it is so relaxing, too!

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