The Mindful Break 2017

The Mindful Break returns! As my stress levels rise, I find that I need to slow down…to remember that I need a bit of a daily break. A reminder to myself to just breathe.

This is how The Mindful Break was born last year – it was a fun ride, and I was joined by a lot of other lovely peeps who enjoyed it too. And so, it returns again this year.

the mindful break

What is The Mindful Break?

It is a 15 day photography challenge – a simple reminder to be in the moment, a gentle pause in the middle of all the frenetic activity.

The “rules” are super simple.

Post 1 photo a day {or more if you wish!} on Instagram using #TheMindfulBreak hashtag.

Take a look at the activity in the hashtag to chat with new peeps and find some interesting new Instagrammers to follow.

Add a link to your Instagram account so we can find new peeps to interact with and follow.

There is no compulsion to follow anyone, and you don’t have to be a blogger to participate. Just share your photos on Instagram using #TheMindfulBreak hashtag and have fun! {Oh, and make sure your Instagram account is not set to private, or we won’t be able to find you!}

The challenge runs on Instagram from 15 to 31 October.

As I did last year, I will create a free ebook featuring some of my photographs from the challenge along with some essays and quotes on mindfulness. If you’d like to get a copy, sign up for Gypsy Wanderings here.

Head over to the main challenge page to add your Instagram account to the linky and let’s have some fun!

Last year’s participants:

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  1. oh I love this idea! Mindfulness really helped me through some very dark days. Plus I love Instagram! Thanks for being part of #ablogginggoodtime

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