On my art table: The spiral dancers

Spiral dancers - whimsical figurative abstract mixed media painting

When I’m lost in the painting process,
there are impulses that arise,
dictating my color choices.

Ideas bubble up to the surface,
changing the direction of my painting.

Symbols appear between layers of paint and under my fingertips,
their repetitive arrival beating a tattoo
**** – do you hear me? do you understand my meaning? –
they seem to say.

And I, I stand back from the painty table,
look down at what I have painted,
and words and images and ephemeral ideas come floating into my head.


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Like this whimsical figurative abstract. It reminds me of two dancers, swaying to their unique rhythm, lost in the mystery…hearts open…twirling, swirling, swaying…It reminds me of these lines by Rumi:

Dancing is not just getting up painlessly,
like a leaf blown on the wind;
dancing is when you tear your heart out
and rise out of your body to
hang suspended between the worlds.

― Mawlana Jalal-al-Din Rumi

I call this painting The Spiral Dancers. The original painting is available for purchase.

Medium: Mixed media on paper
Size: 8×5.5”
Shipping: Free (regular surface mail)
Ships: Internationally
Price: US$20
To purchase: email shinjini @ moderngypsy.in

Before you go, tell me this: What do you see in this painting?

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  1. I have always been in awe of artists. I am absolutely incapable of drawing. And when I see such great work from the likes of you, I feel overjoyed and feel like giving you a standing ovation. Kudos to you!

  2. I see a mother and daughter celebrating freedom! Or, you could say, women celebrating freedom, liberation from the chains that have bound them since ages..

    Loved the lines by Rumi! <3

  3. This is fabulous. Colors so happy and bright. It reminds you summer days of childhood. I see a mom and daughter, dancing and enjoying a beautiful day.

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