The Mindful Break returns!

The Mindful Break

What started out three years ago from my desire to cultivate a mindfulness practice, has become a regular feature that I look forward to each October.

Yes folks, The Mindful Break is back!

The need for a mindful break

We lead stressful lives, juggling work, home, studies, families, social duties, and seemingly endless to-do lists. In an effort to find some relief, we end up vegging out on the sofa and binge watching our favourite shows on Netflix. But instead of helping us to unwind, our addiction to consuming content only ends up numbing us out and does us more harm than good.

What our minds need is a pause – some time to disconnect from everything that is happening all over the world, and to focus on what is right in front of us – a mindful break. A few moments of pause sprinkled throughout the day can bring immense benefits – the biggest of which is the resilience to deal with almost anything that life throws at us. And when we can approach our adversities with a calm mind, that’s almost half the battle won!

But going from an always-on culture to remembering to take breaks isn’t always easy, which is why I created The Mindful Break.

What is The Mindful Break?

It is a 15 day photography challenge – a simple reminder to be in the moment, a gentle pause in the middle of all the frenetic activity. This is an easy way for you to begin to cultivate a mindfulness practice along with some much-needed accountability as you start to build a new habit!

The Mindful Break Instagram challenge returns!

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The “rules” are super simple.

Post 1 photo a day {or more if you wish!} on Instagram using #TheMindfulBreak hashtag.

Take a look at the activity in the hashtag to chat with new peeps and find some interesting new Instagrammers to follow.

Add a link to your Instagram account so we can find new peeps to interact with and follow.

There is no compulsion to follow anyone, and you don’t have to be a blogger to participate. Just share your photos on Instagram using #TheMindfulBreak hashtag and have fun! {Oh, and make sure your Instagram account is not set to private, or we won’t be able to find you!}

The challenge runs on Instagram from 15 to 31 October.

Head over to the main challenge page to add your Instagram account to the linky and let’s have some fun!

The Mindful Break 2018 participants

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    • Oh there’s no benchmark to live up to. Just find your moments of mindfulness, click and share. I’ll look forward to seeing your photographs. And do add your Instagram handle to the linky if you haven’t already.

  1. I am already late to the game, and not particularly good with photos either, but this does sound perfect. Will try to participate in some way atleast. Such a great idea!

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