Travel postcard #10: Old world charm

The bustling old city around Charminar, Hyderabad

There’s something about the old city that really appeals to be. I’m not one for crowded shopping malls – they make me a little overwhelmed and anxious. But put me in the middle of an old city, anywhere in the world, and I feel completely at home!

The sights and smells, the tiny shops and the multitude of people, the sheer history of the space – I don’t really know what part of it appeals to me so much, but appeal it does!

On our recent trip to Hyderabad, we spent an entire day walking through the many narrow lanes branching off of Charminar. From the bangles and dresses at Laad bazaar; to the numerous pearl shops on the approach to Charminar; to the tool workers and antique stores at Chowk, we explored it all!

This is a shot of the old city from the vantage point of Charminar. I managed to overcome my claustrophobia and climb up the monument, but I don’t think I’m going to pull that stunt again any time soon!

Before you go, tell me this: Do you enjoy the hustle and bustle of old cities too, or would you much rather avoid these spaces?

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  1. I do. I wrote a post long ago on why one must explore old bazaars. I’m not sure if you have read that post. But I do think it is a great travel experience.

  2. I haven’t experienced many older cities, only traveled to a few countries and living in Australia where we do not have a lot of history to enjoy. I think it would fascinate me and it is something I would love to experience someday #ABloggingGoodTime

  3. History is one my my biggest passion. I could spend (and have spent) days wandering old, historic cities. This is a lovely photo of Hyderabad. You’ve captured its charm very well.

  4. I love the hustle that a small city and bylanes offer. When I visited Charminar, it was closed for the day and I could not climb up. I feel sad about that but I did got a beautiful view of the monument.
    Your picture clearly shows how busy that area is.

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