On my art table: Enter the mystery

I’ve been spending some time at the painty table almost every day since last month, when I started my 100 day project. This immersion in painting intuitively has been a learning experience in more ways than one.

One the art front, I’ve found new supplies that I enjoy using; experimented with different tools for mark making; embraced art as process rather than product; and understood how to combine a variety of mediums. I’ve surprised myself with the ways in which my paintings have evolved and with the themes that have appeared on the page. And each of the paintings has brought forth something from deep within my soul, each of them with lessons of their own – on life, on love, on being.

On parting with your paintings

When I started this project, I had planned that I would put all the resultant paintings up for sale once they were done. What I didn’t contend with, though, is how difficult it is to part with your paintings! All the labour of love that goes into each piece, the insights and stories that I get from each painting, it feels like having to say goodbye to a piece of my heart.

I’m still trying to figure out how to say goodbye to them…how to allow them to make their way to other people’s homes…Because locking them up in my drawer would deprive someone else of the joy of having a dialog with these paintings. And yes, I do believe that each piece of art you have in your home brings in a very unique vibration. We are attracted to art that speaks to us on a soul level. We may not always know why we love a piece, but hang it up, look at it every day, and slowly you will find some answers…it will bring a certain vibration to your home…a certain healing to your heart and soul.

Like this piece: painting it brought some healing, some insights, and that vibration is just part of this painting. Every time I pass it by, I pause…I open to the mystery…I change in small and subtle ways.

Enter the mystery: Finding meaning in the symbols that show up in your paintings

There’s so much that I see in this painting. From the roses, which remind me of unconditional love, of the goddess and the divine feminine; to the colors that correspond to the different chakras; and the symbols that are but mere shadows in this piece, but that have a story to tell. I’ve shared some insights from the painting in the video above, plus a walkthrough of the evolution of this painting.

Let me know if she’s calling your name; I’d be happy to send her on to her forever home!

The symbols in your intuitive paintings can bring numerous insights about life, about living, about being.

About the painting

Title: Enter the Mystery

Size: 11.5 x 15.5 inches (A3)

Substrate: 180 gsm Artist’s archival paper

Medium: Mixed media – acrylics, inks, pens, modeling paste, charcoal, watercolor

Price: INR 5,500/US$120 (with free shipping)

To purchase: Email shinjini @ moderngypsy.in

Before you go, tell me this: What did you see in the painting? How does it make you feel? It’s always fascinating to hear everyone’s take on a piece of art – we all bring our own unique perspectives to the way in which we interpret art!

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    • It is very healing…just the process of working with colors and mark making is healing; getting a painting you like at the end of it is like the icing on the cake. 🙂

  1. Your art needs to find a home where it can share the love you have had for it. Although it might make you sad giving it away to someone, do know that it will be well-loved in there home, too! And, that’s the reason we have art in the world–to spread love. 🙂

    • Yes! And that’s the reason I started sharing my art, then writing about the process, and now have decided I’ll let my art find its way to other homes. If it connects with someone, it was meant for them! I’m just the medium through which this energy and this art came into being.

  2. Its true that art speaks to all of us – thats what makes it so subjective to each! Its great to see that your work has evolved to such a level that you are now confident enough to sell your artwork- all the best with that! And hope this painting finds a great home soonest

    • That’s very true, Shalini! We are all drawn to different styles of art, and what one person sees in a painting may be very different from what another person sees in it. Thank you for your encouragement; it means a lot!

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