July 2019: Tarot spread for the new moon in Cancer

Hands reaching up to the crescent (new) moon in Cancer the night sky.

The July 2019 new moon falls in the sign of Cancer. The Cancer archetype is emotional, intuitive, nurturing and healing. It also symbolizes “home” and all the things that home represents – not just our physical home, but also our emotions, energy, body, and the spiritual hearth of our souls.

Spiritually, the Cancer archetype is one of compassion, of recognising that people act to the best of their abilities, limited by their education, upbringing and current awareness. The Cancer archetype knows that love and forgiveness are the best way to respond to destructive behavior.

The July new moon also highlights our relationship and communication with close relatives and friends, indicating the possibility of a reunion or an opening of communication with family and/or friends.

Astro-Tarot influences for the July new moon

To throw some more light on the July new moon astrology, let’s take a look at the astro-tarot influences of this lunation.

The Cancer new moon falls in decan 2, which is represented by the 3 of Cups. This is to be interpreted in conjunction with The Chariot, which is associated with Cancer.

The 3 of Cups represents celebrations, sisterhood, and time spent with family, friends, and loved ones. It’s a card that celebrates the close bonds between people.

The Chariot represents focus and strategy; the alignment of the will and emotions to achieve the goals you’ve set your mind to. It could also represent a hard exterior mask or persona that conceals a vulnerable or confused heart.

This, then, speaks to the power of focus and collaboration. The July new moon is a good time to double down on gaining clarity on what it will take for you to achieve some of your long term goals/dreams/visions. Brainstorming with friends or creating a support group around you will also be helpful.

The Cancer new moon also highlights the importance of celebrations with friends and family. If you’ve been strongly focused on work or haven’t let you hair down with friends in a long time, the July new moon is the perfect opportunity to pencil in some fun times with friends and family.

This new moon feels like a bit of a breather. It allows us to focus on our big picture projects while also making time and space for enjoyment and fun.

Tarot spread for the new moon in Cancer

Here’s a tarot spread to harness the energy of this new moon.

Tarot spread for the July 2019 new moon in Cancer

1. The big project: Go through your cards face up and pull a card that represents a long term project you want to focus on.

2. Steps I need to take to get there: Draw 3 cards – these represent the big picture themes you need to focus on to move closer to your goals.

3. Support I need: Draw 1-2 cards to represent the areas in which you need support

4. Message from mamma moon

Journaling questions for the Cancer new moon

Not a cardslinger? No problem! Here are some questions to reflect on instead:

1. Write down your big project

2. What excites you about this project?

3. What fears do you have around achieving this project? Focus only on the practical aspects here.

4. Brainstorm people you may know who can help you figure out some of these practicalities. If you can’t think of anyone you know, focus on ways in which you can research this information.

5. What fears do you have around achieving this project? Focus on your feelings/mindset here.

6. Reach out to friends who can support you through your anxieties. For mindset problems, consider turning to a life coach or coach yourself through your problem. Also consider listening to some inspiring podcasts or TED talks.

A note on the solar eclipse:

If you look online for the new moon astrology, you will see that this new moon is also a solar eclipse. While the information available online makes it seem like the eclipse will affect all of us around the world, I have a different view.

I like to focus on my own biosphere. What is happening in the world around me and the sky above me is what is likely to have the most impact on me. As for this eclipse, it isn’t visible in India. In fact, only Chile and Argentina will have the most striking view of the eclipse, and a partial eclipse will be visible in some regions in the Pacific and in South America. You can find the eclipse shadow path here.

Since this eclipse isn’t visible in India, I am not working with the eclipse energy in my readings or in my personal practice. If you would like to work with the eclipse energy, however, you can use the tarot spread I created for the new moon and solar eclipse in Cancer last year.

Working with the moon

The new moon is when we set intentions for the moon cycle. It’s a way to focus on a particular goal or desire from one new moon to the next. I have found this to be a very effective way to get things done and to achieve my desires. Of course, there have been cycles when I have slacked, but working with cyclical time gives me a gentler perspective when it comes to achieving my desires.

This blog post details my new moon ritual and how I work with the new moon cycle:

Tracking the moon + a look into my new moon art journal

I hope you find this helpful, and if you have any questions on working with the lunar cycles, please do let me know!

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  1. Tarot and astrology are not my area at all but I loved your journaling questions and shall try to write down honest answers to them. Hope the introspection helps me move forward.

  2. Focus and collaboration are definitely the strong points this month. I firmly believe to be determined towards your aim and overlap distractions if any. Consistency surely helps in long run.

  3. I’ve just recently found you and I am digging your insight. I am a cardslingin’ Pisces – no need to tell you of my intuitive/creative side then. Looking forward to more of your inspiration. Thank you for sharing!

  4. I don’t follow astrology and have only done tarot readings for fun but I do love the journalling questions. Will have to note them down and work on that as there is something I have been thinking about for a while!

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