The little moments that make the biggest difference

After an almost month-long illness and a heatwave from hell kept me away from the painty table for almost 2 months, I found myself plunged into the depths of depression. The lingering illness, continued weakness and lethargy brought on by the intense heat {48 degrees, for crying out loud!} combined to push me down did me into a funk from which I found it difficult to pull myself up.

Art is my therapy, and no matter how much of a constructive spin I tried to put on this time away from the painty table, it didn’t help.

It’s not like I completely wasted my time, either. I did manage to read a bit; I spent more time completing the courses I had purchased; I watched art videos and had ideas for new art projects. But none of it helped to lift the fog of darkness. I needed to be doing something at the painty table to heal, and that was a challenge for an extended period.

In mid-June I was invited to an artist’s meet-up, and despite the depression and my weakness, I said yes.


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Connecting with like-minded people, an open exchange of ideas, and some crafting time boosted my spirits and gave me a high that lasted well into the next day. I used some of that positive energy to work on my full moon painting and from there, I slowly started to emerge from the fog.

The highlight for me was being able to take a couple of days off from work towards the end of the month. I  penciled in some breakfasts and dinners with friends, got a long-pending haircut, and spent most of my time at the painty table. This little respite did wonders for my mental health, and I’m now feeling much more like my old {pre-illness} self.

I also want to give a special shout-out to Sanchie for reaching out to me during during the worst of this time. And to Kiala, for her patience and gentleness with me, and giving me the space I need to heal. And of course to my 2 am friends, who are always there for me, even when my depression makes me pull away from everything.

What was the highlight of your month, and what are you looking forward to this month? 🙂

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  1. Sorry to hear about you being unwell, Shinjini. I totally understand how it feels, having been there, myself. Its always good to step back, take some time off and use art as therapy to pull oneself back to health and fitness! Loved the idea of artists meet-up—Wish I got to be part of one, someday(wishful thinking!!) and the much-needed me-time is absolutely essential to get us out of a slump every now and then! Hugs and loads of positive vibes coming your way! Take care xxx

  2. Glad that you felt better after attending the meet up. Art is indeed therapeutic. Hope you get to spend more time at your painty table. Get well soon. Sending love and hugs!

  3. Glad you’re back to your painting table. We all have that one task which lifts our spirits like none else. I hope you take it slow and steady and also that you have friends who lift you up.

  4. Aww I’m so happy to read this. I’m so glad you’re getting to your pre-illness stage. I agree that making plans and doing things even when you don’t feel like it adds up eventually to helping you feel better. And it’s great you got that creative boost! Sending you a lot of love and once again, I am around if you need xx

  5. Good to read that you are feeling much better, Shinjini!
    Yes, art is a therapy that lift your spirits like nothing else. Of course, this too needs for us to be in the right mood sometimes, isn’t it? I find that at times if I am in no mood to make any art, my drawings come out so bad, I don’t feel good from within.
    Meeting people and basking in the positivity also helps a lot.
    Take care, Shinjini, and hope you feel completely well soonest!

    I have written the post about diets inspired by your post from last time. Do visit Metanoia!
    <3 Hugs!

  6. Sorry to hear that you were not well. It’s good that you pulled yourself out of that time. I can imagine it must have been hard. Never easy.
    Take care and let art heal you completely.

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