On my art table: Angel’s Wings + dreaming an impossible dream

On my art table Angel's wings and how to make an impossible dream come true

Are you afraid of your dreams? Those big dreams and desires that seem to come out of nowhere and spill into your journal. The ones that seem to come from an expanded state, but that make ‘little you’ want to retreat into your shell because it seems TOO BIG and TOO IMPOSSIBLE a dream to achieve?

Yes, those ones.

The ones you won’t tell anyone because it makes you uncomfortable to even hold the dream, and you’re convinced that you will be laughed out of the room if you state it aloud.

I had one of those impossible dreams…it sneaked into my morning pages a few months ago…and it made me gasp aloud. I felt that beautiful expansive energy of the dream for a fleeting second before Prissy Missy, my inner critic, jumped in and said NO!

“NO, you cannot have that dream. What makes you think you can achieve it? That you are even worthy of dreaming of it? That you…that you…,” she sputtered, and just like that, I looked at that dream with a bit of hope mixed with a lot of fear.

But if I have learnt one thing over the years, it is this:

The inner critic is just a frightened little thing, who thinks it is saving us from heartbreak and failure and making a fool of ourselves. Click To TweetBecause surely heartbreak, failure, looking like a fool would be the end of the world as we know it {not}.

And so, after a few days of letting Prissy Missy run the show, I decided to just bring that dream to the painty table.

Angel wings first layer of intuitive painting

I blessed my canvas, held that dream lightly in my mind, pulled a couple of cards, and again, I was blocked.

This time for almost a month.

When I finally decided I’d let Prissy Missy have a field day for long enough, I came back to the page, took a deep breath, and let my intuition guide me.

What unfolded on that canvas was nothing short of magical.

Angel’s Wings: the painting process

 First, let’s talk about the painting.

Intuitive painting is all about the layers. About the push and pull, the adding in and letting go.

This page, though, came together almost instantaneously. With the very first layers, two figures emerged, along with a pair of angel wings.

Could I have changed the direction in which this painting was going? Yes, certainly. Could I have added a lot more drama to the finished piece? Absolutely. But I sensed that what was happening on the page was significant, and that I needed to stay true to what was unfolding.

Using intuitive painting and intention setting to make an impossible dream come true

One part of me wanted to call the painting done at this rough and raw stage. But there were some other colors that wanted to add their energy to the painting.

So out came the purple, turquoise, and gold.

And then began a delicate dance of adding in some pops of color and pushing it back; until the final layer, when I brought in a whole lot of white paint to echo the starting point of the painting.

Making an impossible dream come true: art as magic

Now, on to the magic. I had just finished the first layer of the painting when an artist I am acquainted with invited me to her studio to help out with some of her commission work.

Spending a day with a working artist, understanding how she goes from concept to final piece of art, and helping out with some of the smaller pieces that would go into her installation was an illuminating experience.

angel wings simplifying the intuitive painting

The next part of the magic came about two months later, when I went over to her studio with my intuitive paintings for some guidance and feedback.

The opportunity to receive feedback from a renowned artist was both nerve-wracking and necessary, especially as I’ve been evaluating my choices around work and art, and figuring out where I want to expend my energy and what it is that I am working towards. It’s one thing to have friends, family, and acquaintances appreciate my paintings, and another to have an established artist tell me what she thinks of my work.

Hearing her feedback, especially the way she explained what she saw in my work and the artists with whom she compared my paintings, blew me away. I’ve often felt like an imposter with my art, but her feedback gave me a boost of much needed validation.

I also have suggestions on a few things to experiment with to uncover even more of my artist’s voice. And an invitation to return in a few months for some more feedback, once I have had a chance to incorporate her suggestions.

Dare to dream your impossible dream

So the point of this article is this:

Your big, scary, impossible dreams generally make themselves known only when you are actually ready to work on them. Click To Tweet


For every step you take towards your ‘impossible’ dream, the Universe takes a giant step forward to help you make that impossible dream come true. Click To Tweet

We all have that one impossible dream, the one we secretly hope will come true. Here's how you can use the intention setting process along with intuitive painting or art journaling to manifest your impossible dream.

I’ve seen this unfold numerous times in my life.

Sometimes the Universe’s step forward may take time; sometimes, it may be not in the way we expect; but inevitably, your impossible dreams have a way of coming true…of working out the moment you gather the courage to embrace them.

Do you have a story of your own impossible dream and of how you made that impossible dream come true? Please share it with me in the comments!

Healing with art

There is so much joy and healing that I find at the painty table. It’s a joy I wish everyone could experience. Which is why I love to create mini art + soul ecourses that include curated guided meditations, journaling questions, and an art journal project from start to finish. The videos are broken down into easy to watch segments, which makes it perfect even for the most busy people to watch and create! You can find all the ecourses and sign up for one or more here.

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  1. Wow this is a tremendously surreal piece of art Shinjini. I wont pretend to understand it but the expanded wings seem to want to hug me.

    Its wonderfully rewarding to have an established artist critique your work-thats fabulous for the growth of your art and I hope it leads to bigger things for you. Truly-dream the impossible and fly high!

    • Thanks so much, Shalini! I loved hearing how this piece made you feel – thank you! 🙂

      And yes, it is very helpful and very rewarding indeed to get a critique of my work from an established artist. Many thanks for your encouragement!

  2. I have always felt that people who can paint and draw are always so much at peace with themselves. I am guessing the creative release does wonders for the soul. I didn’t even know that painting is done in layers. Lovely to see it progress this way.

  3. Beautiful colors.
    This really struck me: For every step you take towards your ‘impossible’ dream, the Universe takes a giant step forward to help you make that impossible dream come true.
    So true. For me, things are revealed through my Morning Pages practice and my reading. And the Universe is speaking to me loud and clear right now.

    • The morning pages are quite a powerful practice for getting in touch with what you really and truly want. Have you heard of the book Writing Down Your Soul? I’m reading it currently, and I think you will like this one too.

  4. Thank you for sharing your beautiful journey with us this week, Shinjini. I can see how therapeutic the entire process of putting paint to paper must have been for you. And every time I have doubts with regard to my long forgotten dreams that rarely see the light of the day, there is someone like you who instills the faith back in and makes me a believer all over again.

    • Very therapeutic indeed! While I don’t know what your dreams are, can you maybe work on them slowly, in little bits of time? Sometimes that slow process gathers momentum and before we know it things begin to move in ways we never could have imagined.

      • Oh yes, that’s definitely one of the things that I’ve been telling myself too…but haven’t been able to focus on any of them as my mind still seems too fragmented with events from the recent weeks. Your words make so much sense, Shinjini. <3

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