Tarot reading for March 2020

Tarot reading for March 2020

Here’s your tarot reading for the month of March 2020. I’m using the Wild Unknown Archetype cards to pull the theme or energy that we are being called to focus on as a collective this month, and two tarot cards from the Wild Unknown Tarot Deck to provide some additional guidance and clarity on how we can best use and understand the archetypal messages. This monthly energy forecast is particularly potent for all the creatives out there, so dig right in!

Energy forecast for March 2020: The archetypal energy

March presents us with the archetype of The womb. A pearl is nestled on what looks like a spongy bed, held in the protective embrace of the womb, which is represented by a downward pointing triangle – the elemental symbol of water.

The swirling red, orange, yellow and purple on the card reminds me of the fiery force of creation. This makes for an interesting juxtaposition of water and fire. And if you think about it, both are necessary for creation.

This archetype speaks to us of the gestation period of creation. What artists call a pause in the creative lifecycle, which is when ideas percolate and experiments are carried out until we hit upon a perfect pearl of an idea.

This is a soupy, liminal phase. A phase when dreams are woven. Experiments undertaken. Things are tried and released. Until finally, we hit our creative vein of gold.

The archetype of the womb is also an invitation to simply relaxing into receiving. Just as a baby receives all of the nourishment it needs in the mother’s womb, this archetype asks us to consider the possibility that we can receive creative breakthroughs and direction rather than having to figure everything out ourselves.

So often we believe that we need to plan every step to the very last detail. To have a Plan A and a Plan B and maybe even a Plan C. But life has a way of messing up our best laid plans.

Which is why the zen masters teach us to go with the flow. As Lao Tzo said, “Those who flow as life flows know they need no other force.”

What this teaches us is to be open to what arises. To put aside how we expect something to work out, and to embrace the twists and turns that life may bring our way.

Consider it this way: the universal intelligence that could provide for a baby’s needs during its gestation period can surely provide for our needs as we navigate through life.

When we open up to the current of life, it doesn’t necessarily mean that things will be easy, but that there will be ease. Instead of clutching on to our idea of how something should pan out, we can do what we have to and release any expectations of the outcome.

This month, the archetype of the womb asks us to trust in this creative, liminal, soupy energy. In this loving nurturing process of creation. To be open to receiving, to flow, to trust that we are supported in ways that we may not even realize.

So how can you take these somewhat abstract concepts and apply it to a spiritual/self-development model?

Some questions to ponder may be:

  • What dreams are you holding close that you would like to see come to fruition this year?
  • What can you do to nurture those dreams?
  • How can you allow yourself to open to receiving what you need from the universe? This could, for example, look like submitting your work for publication without worrying too much about it being accepted. The idea is that when we take a step towards our dreams, doors often start opening for us.

Tarot reading for March 2020: Anchoring in the archetypal energy

Bringing it down from the soupy, liminal world of archetypes and anchoring it into the mundane human world is the story that is being told by the Ten of Swords and The Daughter of Swords, and specifically how they relate to creative cycles.

As creatives, we will have our cycles of ups and downs. Periods of intense production followed by periods that seems fallow, or stuck.

Instead of beating ourselves up when we find ourselves in this creative valley, convinced that we have lost our touch or our inner spark, the invitation is to remember that just like night {rest} follows day {action}, our creativity peaks and dips.

Instead of being convinced that we have lost our spark during a creative down time, the invitation is to use that time to feed our subconscious. The invitation for us this month is to consider taking a class or exploring a relatively new to us hobby for a while, or changing the medium we work with. The intention this month is to shake up the mediums and tools that we usually work with and try something different.

This can often lead to our next creative spark, opening up new ideas or concepts to explore, or simply allowing us to rest between periods of intense creative bursts.

There is also a reminder here to stop over-dramatizing things or throwing ourselves a pity party at the drop of the hat. Instead, there is an invitation to quieten the mind and look at things simply and objectively.

For it is only when we gain clarity in our thought process that we can determine our next steps with any confidence. And only with a clear, untangled mind can we determine our next step and have the equanimity to allow ourselves to flow as life flows.

I hope this tarot reading for March 2020 resonated with you on some level. If you have any a-ha moments or anything you’d like further clarity on, please let me know in the comments.

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  1. Considering the madness that is the world these days and uncertainty being the only certainty, it makes sense to go with the flow. I can’t help though pondering about the future and wondering how much worse things can be with no end to our problems really being in sight.

  2. I love how you’ve described this phase, Shinjini. It certainly describes where I am. On the cusp of a breakthrough in my creativity. I need to be more open to the Universe’s working though. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Go with the flow, or ride the waves and troughs of a warm and sun-sparkling sea? I learned long ago that there’s no point to forcing creativity; sometimes, a drought isn’t a drought, but a creative urge that needs a different form of expression. And then, too, we need to fill the well…

    You write, “There is also a reminder here to stop over-dramatizing things or throwing ourselves a pity party at the drop of the hat. Instead, there is an invitation to quieten the mind and look at things simply and objectively.” This is something I have been consciously working on, what with the pandemic and pandemonium that emanates from it. Rarely does “over-dramatizing” lead to good art or writing.

    • “sometimes, a drought isn’t a drought, but a creative urge that needs a different form of expression” – yes!! And over dramatising, especially with something like the pandemic, really doesn’t work. No point stressing, best to be sensible and follow the precaution of sanitising/washing hands thoroughly more often.

  4. The time when I don’t feel creative, I observe. I look at other art forms, other artists’ works and even turn to nature. There’s so much beauty around us. The intention of this month goes very well with what I have in mind. It is sometimes necessary to quieten all that buzz that goes in our head.

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