January 2023: Tarot spread for the full moon in Cancer

Plus some journaling questions, an astro-tarot forecast and an exploration of the the Sabian symbol for the full moon in Cancer

Tarot spread and astro-tarot forecast for the January 2023 full moon in Cancer

The January 2023 full moon falls in the sign of Cancer. The Cancer archetype is emotional, intuitive, nurturing and healing. It also symbolizes “home” and all the things that home represents – not just our physical home, but also our emotions, energy, body, and the spiritual hearth of our souls.

Spiritually, the Cancer archetype is one of compassion, of recognizing that people, in general, act to the best of their abilities, limited by their education, upbringing and current awareness. The Cancer archetype knows that love and forgiveness, where possible, are the best way to respond to destructive behavior – along with firm boundaries, of course.

The first full moon of 2023 invites us to dig in deep and really get to know ourselves. What makes you tick? What do you want more of in your life? What do you want less of? In the daily hustle and grind, it’s easy to lose sight of who we really are, of what makes us tick, what drives us, and where we want to focus.


This Cancer full moon asks us to consider what relationships are we cultivating – with others, ourselves, and the technologies we use – and to examine the legacy we are leaving for the generations that come after us.

This full moon also offers us an opportunity to release old patterns and blocks, so we can let in some fresh energy and vitality to kick off this new year.

Astro-Tarot influences for the January 2023 full moon in Cancer

To throw some more light on the January full moon astrology, let’s take a look at the astro-tarot influences of this lunation. The Cancer full moon falls in decan 2, which is represented by the 3 of Cups. This is to be interpreted in conjunction with The Chariot, which is associated with Cancer.

The Daily Pause Oracle Deck

I designed this beautiful, 40-card oracle deck to bring in some stillness, to give us a word or an idea to reflect on as we go about our day.

Supported by the four elements – earth, air, fire, water – and a carefully thought-out structure that connects the cards, The Daily Pause oracle will help you to listen to and trust your own inner knowing.

There’s no learning curve involved with using this deck. Just get quiet, shuffle the cards, pull one out, and reflect on the word you’re presented with.

Interestingly, 2023 is a 7 year, which means The Chariot is the guiding card for the collective this year. At its core, a 7 year invites us to grow into ourselves — to examine who we truly are at our core.

I think our true nature is sometimes buried under our personality traits and quirks, which are shaped by our relationships and family dynamics, especially in our young, formative years, as well as by the society and culture we are born into.

As we grow, observe the world around us, meet a diverse group of people, and are exposed to viewpoints and ideas that are different from our own, we begin to question our beliefs, our quirks, our traits.

Some, perhaps, simply are an inherent part of us that we need to accept. We may realize that we need therapy to address some aspects of our personality. And some we may be able to change through observance and reflection.


Our relationships with others and, I think, even more importantly with ourselves, can play an important role not just in self development, but also in helping us to accept who we are and to become comfortable in our own skins.

And while I think we can all stand to improve some aspects of our personalities, I also believe that not enough is said about self-acceptance. We are not perpetually broken things that need to be fixed. There is no “ideal” personality that we need to achieve. And we don’t have to remain on the hamster wheel of perpetual self-development/improvement.

Instead of trying to fix every self-perceived flaw, what if you accepted yourself as you are, observed your responses to situations and people, and got curious about why you act the way you do? What if you allowed for more self-compassion? What if we softened into Mary Oliver’s words:

You do not have to be good.
You do not have to walk on your knees
for a hundred miles through the desert repenting.
You only have to let the soft animal of your body
love what it loves.

Sabian Symbol for the January 2023 full moon

The Sabian Symbol for Cancer 16 degrees is The Seed Grows Into Knowledge and Life.

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This is such an encouraging symbol, especially for the start of a new year!

What seeds did you plant in the recent past? What is starting to come to fruition? Take a moment to look back and reflect.

At the same time, remember that seeds develop through care and attention. They grow with time and nourishment. So if you’re feeling dissatisfied with your perceived progress, remember that there are no shortcuts with nature — things grow at their own pace and in their own time.

Start small and let things develop. Don’t disregard the tiny steps; over time, they yield significant gains.


Tarot spread for the January 2023 full moon

Here’s a tarot spread to harness the energy of this full moon.

Astro-tarot forecast, tarot spread and journaling questions for the January 2023 full moon in Cancer

1. Accept: This card indicates a personality trait that you have, perhaps, been fighting, but should accept. Remember, acceptance doesn’t mean that you cannot change that trait if it is causing you or loved ones harm. Acceptance can be the first step to seeking the help you need + making lasting change.

2. Heal: This card indicates an area that is coming up for healing under the light of this full moon. A releasing ceremony around this trait may be helpful.

3. Grow: This card indicates a growth edge. Use your first intuitive hit with this one!

4. Mama moon says: This is always a positive message

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Journaling questions for the Cancer full moon

Not a cardslinger? No problem! Here are some questions to reflect on instead:


What seeds did you plant in the recent past?

What is starting to come to fruition?

How can you nurture your seedlings?

What personality trait or quirk irritates you the most?

How can you bring some self-acceptance or compassion to yourself around that trait?

What personality traits do you love? Keep a running list!

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  1. What a lovely full moon tarot spread. Just what’s calling out and speaking to me for the last few weeks. In tried ordering the deck but the link doesn’t work- keep getting an error.

    Wishing you moon shine, star light, a loads of sun-laden days, in the year ahead, dear Shinj.


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