Mixed media collage tutorial: Whispers from the past

Join me at the art table as I show you how to create a mixed media collage in your art journal.

Mixed media collage tutorial

It can be difficult to figure out how to begin an art journal page, but if you think about it layer by layer, it gets easier – and more fun! It is the same with collage – the key is to take it one step at a time.

I start this page by playing with marks and color. Beginning in this way, allowing for the intuitive exploration of colors and marks, makes for a much more expressive and interesting piece of art.

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On my art table: The healing journey

The healing journey and the Hierophant

You know what they say about healing – you’re constantly spiraling back to your lessons, uncovering deeper and deeper layers that need to be healed.

And when you are in the collective year of The Hierophant, you can find yourself dismantling “the way things are done” in favor of the way you would rather live your own life, even though it may be counter-cultural.

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Creative pep talk: Do what you love

Because everything else flows from there!

Art with Soul podcast: Creative pep talk - do what you love. Image of a woman holding a guitar

On this episode of the Art with Soul podcast, I offer you a short – and inspiring – creative pep talk to help you remember to do what you love. This is your reminder – and your permission slip – to follow your curiosity and create for yourself first. Everything else follows from there!

You’ll find the transcript {lightly edited for readability} below.

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On becoming your own patron

On hustle culture, the passion to profit myth and what it means to truly support your art

Image of an artist painting on the floor of her studio. Text reads Become your own patron

On this episode of the Art with Soul podcast, we talk about hustle culture, examine the current cultural narrative around the passion to profit myth, and discuss what it means to become your own patron.

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On my art table: Origin Stories

On time, and life, and our multi-dimensional being

Abstract portrait origin stories

Swirling currents, eddying over the surface of the water,

forming whirlpools that whisper to her their song of change.

As the waves crash over the rocks, the sea salt spray on her lips

carries the tale of the journeys that were and the journeys to come.

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Social media for artists: A fresh perspective

Is social media really important for artists

On this episode of the Art with Soul podcast, I talk about social media, especially as it pertains to artists, and hustle culture. There’s no denying that social media can take up a lot of our time — both as consumers and creators of content. But when does content creation become something we do just to feed the algorithm, and how can we take back control of our time?

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How to overcome decision fatigue and improve your art practice

Simple strategies that can help you overcome decision fatigue and make better art!

How to overcome decision fatigue in your art practice

On this episode of The Art with Soul podcast, I talk about decision fatigue and how it can impact your art practice. We’ll examine decision fatigue from the perspective of our art practice, look at how it impacts our buying – and hoarding – of art supplies, and touch on the performative aspect of some of our decisions.

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Why do you make art?

The answer to this question will help you to make better decisions.

On this episode of the Art with Soul podcast, we talk about why we create art – is it for business or for leisure? Determining the answer to that question can help you make better decisions about every aspect of art making.

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On my art table: The Bridge

Because all we need is love

abstract landscape painting the bridge

I love painting intuitively. Often, I start by picking up a bunch of different kinds of paints – heavy bodied, inks, fluids – in a variety of colors. I always have a variety of mark making tools on my table, ranging from brushes and pencils, to catalyst blades, palette knives and my fingers; and a variety of mixed media supplies like colored pencils, oil pastels.

Just throwing everything together, following my impulse, and seeing what arises brings me immense joy. Like on this piece – finding those little hearts within the layers of paint, and then noticing so many more abstract heart shapes peeking out throughout this piece.

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5 top book recommendations for art journal newbies

An all-round selection of books that are guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing. Perfect for more seasoned art journalers too!

5 best books to help you start an art journal.

On this episode of the podcast, I’m sharing 5 of my top book recommendations for art journaling. These books are perfect for you if you’re new to art journaling. If you’ve been keeping an art journal for some time, you may still find something that interests you on this list! These books offer a variety of different approaches and techniques, and can help you avoid the pitfall of buying too many books that feel very similar in terms of content and scope.

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