Social media for artists: A fresh perspective

Is social media really important for artists

On this episode of the Art with Soul podcast, I talk about social media, especially as it pertains to artists, and hustle culture. There’s no denying that social media can take up a lot of our time — both as consumers and creators of content. But when does content creation become something we do just to feed the algorithm, and how can we take back control of our time?

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How to overcome decision fatigue and improve your art practice

Simple strategies that can help you overcome decision fatigue and make better art!

How to overcome decision fatigue in your art practice

On this episode of The Art with Soul podcast, I talk about decision fatigue and how it can impact your art practice. We’ll examine decision fatigue from the perspective of our art practice, look at how it impacts our buying – and hoarding – of art supplies, and touch on the performative aspect of some of our decisions.

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Why do you make art?

The answer to this question will help you to make better decisions.

On this episode of the Art with Soul podcast, we talk about why we create art – is it for business or for leisure? Determining the answer to that question can help you make better decisions about every aspect of art making.

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On my art table: The Bridge

Because all we need is love

abstract landscape painting the bridge

I love painting intuitively. Often, I start by picking up a bunch of different kinds of paints – heavy bodied, inks, fluids – in a variety of colors. I always have a variety of mark making tools on my table, ranging from brushes and pencils, to catalyst blades, palette knives and my fingers; and a variety of mixed media supplies like colored pencils, oil pastels.

Just throwing everything together, following my impulse, and seeing what arises brings me immense joy. Like on this piece – finding those little hearts within the layers of paint, and then noticing so many more abstract heart shapes peeking out throughout this piece.

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5 top book recommendations for art journal newbies

An all-round selection of books that are guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing. Perfect for more seasoned art journalers too!

5 best books to help you start an art journal.

On this episode of the podcast, I’m sharing 5 of my top book recommendations for art journaling. These books are perfect for you if you’re new to art journaling. If you’ve been keeping an art journal for some time, you may still find something that interests you on this list! These books offer a variety of different approaches and techniques, and can help you avoid the pitfall of buying too many books that feel very similar in terms of content and scope.

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Feeling overwhelmed? Try this expressive arts exercise

On this episode of the Art with Soul podcast, which was recorded soon after a deadly second wave of the pandemic hit India, I share a simple yet effective creative art practice. Drawing from art therapy and somatic healing techniques, this practice will help you to move any charged emotions out through your body.

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On the importance of rest for artists

Spoiler alert: the hustle is over-rated!

On this episode of the Art with Soul podcast, I offer you a short – and inspiring – creative pep talk for the days when you’re feeling overwhelmed. This your reminder – and your permission slip – to rest. You’ll find the transcript {lightly edited for readability} below.

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Instructions for life

On being a rebel, a stream of consciousness prose poem + a painting from my studio

Instructions for life and living in a hyperconnected world

I will participate, but not as asked.”
― Jenny Odell, How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy

When I was in my fiery teens, my father declared me a rebel without a cause. I’ve always been contrary. If you tell me to go up, I will go down. If you tell me not to do something, you can be sure that I will go right ahead and do it. And then proudly tell you that I did it too. That fiery rebellion of my teenage years has mellowed over the years, though – I guess that’s what they call aging.

I may not be a fiery rebel, but I am still contrary. I question most things. I tend to think deeply. Sometimes, it is annoying. It would be so much easier to just go along with what everyone else is saying. With the things the world seems to value. With what everyone else is chasing. It is so much more difficult to try and swim against the tide.

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The magic of intuitive painting

On connecting to your intuitive voice, finding your intuitive flow, and creating paintings with depth

The magic of intuitive painting and how art mimics life

On this episode of The Art With Soul podcast, I talk about intuition and grace; the intuitive painting process and maintaining the flow between painting intuitively and painting more deliberately; and how these ideas and themes feed into art and life.

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Dancing with the muse

Plus some scenes from around the studio.

Dancing with The Muse: Finding our creative genius

I spent most of the weekend in the studio – painting, writing, creating. Completely engrossed in the paintings and projects before me. Flowing between paintings and projects and journaling and enquiry.

Not every weekend is like this, though I wish it was! Not every painting session goes so beautifully. And that got me to wondering.

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