Light, Everlasting

Your words flying through the air,
Poisoned darts that
Pierce right through the most tender,
The most vulnerable parts of my heart.
Shattered, I sit, holding up
The bloodied, broken, fractured pieces
Of my most vulnerable self.
Eyes closed
Cut off
Afraid to trust anyone ever again.

My heart: frozen
The tides: turn
The moon waxes and wanes and waxes again.
Time spins on,
As I remain lost in the darkness,
Weighing your words against mine,
Worrying away at the scabs on my heart
Unwilling to let it heal.

As I circle round and round in my misery
I see a glimmer from the corner of my eye
It’s been so long
Here, alone, in the dark
And I wonder: where is that light coming from?

It takes me a while to realise
That the light, it is within me
Dulled and dim
But refusing to die down
Obstinately trying to get:
My attention,
My devotion,
My focus,
My trust.

And I,
Slowly, hesitantly,
Look into that faint light.

And hypnotised by its tenacity,
I give it my words, my tears,
My lamentations, my broken pieces.
It takes it all, that light,
Growing stronger, brighter,
With life
And hope.

Transforming those broken fragments
Into a living poem,
That burns,
Stronger and fiercer than ever before.

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I’m an artist and art educator, podcaster, tarot reader, and writer. I share my discoveries along the path to inspire you to live a more creative, soul-centered life. Receive my love letters for more of my musings on life and creativity. P.S. I love Instagram - join me there?


  1. Absolutely loved this poem Shinjini… The feeling of being in the dark and hopelessness is so well articulated. And I loved how in the end the light is found within. You are a poetess as well. How many more caps you don? ?

  2. A beautiful poem. I’ve been in this place in the past. The light brings with it a glimmer of hope and when it is within our reach, it shines brighter and brighter. Beautiful Shinjini.

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