If we were having coffee #WriteBravely

if we were having coffee

If we were having coffee, I would ask for it black with a pinch of sugar and a slice of cake. Because really, coffee and cake make the best combination!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I have created my first ecourse – it’s been ready since weeks, but apart from vaguely telling a few people about it, I’ve kept it tightly under wraps.

Why? Prissy Missy – I wrote about her yesterday – has been having her way with me. And I didn’t even realize it until a few days ago – remember I told you she goes into Kamikaze mode when you try to bat her away?

She’s had me second guessing the entire course all this while, but now that I’ve wisened up to her ways, I’ve been making little stealth attacks of my own. I’ve been dropping a breadcrumb of clues about this offering, and every time I say something about it, I get Missy to quieten down some more.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I have recommitted to my morning ritual, and I can already see the difference it is making in my life. Taking some time to slowly, mindfully ease into my day helps me to make better choices and remain more calm as I deal with everything that life throws my way. It’s a simple ritual – a one-page brain dump, three deep breaths, a Tarot card draw and a spot of writing – 15-20 minutes is all it takes on most days, and I have the flexibility to shorten it if I am running late.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that the long summer of my absence from the painty table seems to be coming to an end. I’ve been spending more time with paper and paint, am dreaming up new ideas, and am feeling like myself again! I’ve had a digital art practice going on during the hot summer months, but I so missed the excitement of putting paint to paper/canvas. And in case you’re wondering why I stayed away when I love it so much – it was the heat! I really do need to get an air conditioner installed in the art room.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I have really enjoyed the Write Tribe Festival of Words #6. The prompts have made me think, pushed me to write a lot more consistently, and has introduced me to some wonderful new bloggers. I think smaller challenges like this one are so much better – more doable, less stressful, and they really let you enjoy the entire point of a challenge, which is to write consistently and interact widely.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I love to write letters. In fact, I write a lovely letter called Gypsy Wanderings to my newsletter subscribers every month. These are heart-centered missives from me to you, with some musings on life, creativity and/or spirituality; along with exclusive goodies; and a monthly oracle reading. Getting in on the letters would also give you access to the growing Wanderer’s Library, a secret library that is stocked with juicy ebooks (think Art Journaling and mindfulness) + workbooks, art prints, desktop wallpapers and more.

If we were having coffee, what would you tell me?

Three keys to creative living #WriteBravely

For today’s Write Tribe Festival of Words #6, I invited a very special young lady to share her thoughts about what it takes to live a creative life. Enjoy!

three keys to creative living

I was really excited when Shinjini asked me to write about living creativity. It’s something that’s really close to my heart. And though it is a wide and broad topic, there are three key things that I want to focus on today.Continue reading

A day in our life #WriteBravely

For today’s Write Tribe Festival of Words #6, I invited my dearest friends to tell us about a typical day in their lives. I’ve often wished that I had just half the fun they do – when you read what they have to say, I’m sure you’ll agree with me! So, without further ado, let me turn this over to them!

Life – it is beautiful! From dawn to dusk, we are engaged in the things that matter the most to us. We follow our curiosity, indulge our passion, and also get up to a bit of fun and mischief from time to time!

Let us give you a peek into this beautiful life.

Oh, and fair warning – we don’t like linear stories, so we aren’t going to do a boring time-table and tell you when we wake up and when we go to bed!

Let’s start, instead, with one of our passions – food!

Continue reading

Finding Beth #WriteBravely

Central Park, New York

When I visited New York a couple of years ago, I had a few place marked down on my must-visit list. There were the usual suspects like the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Wall Street, as well as iconic eateries in Little China and Little Italy. But along with the usual list, there were a couple of places that may not make it to people’s must-visit itinerary.

One such was the Bethesda Fountain.Continue reading

Time: our most precious resource #WriteBravely

Time – it’s the most precious resource we have. And it’s the one resource that a lot of us waste {me included}. We spend hours stuck on social media, scrolling through other people’s curated lives, participating in dramas that are not our own. Sometimes, we do it to escape our own thoughts….sometimes, we do it because we are afraid of owning our dreams…sometimes, we are just not aware of it, for it becomes an addiction.

So ask yourself this:Continue reading

My greatest treasure: A mirror to my heart #WriteBravely

What if I told you that my greatest treasure is a mirror? But it is no ordinary mirror – it’s a mirror to my heart, to my soul. It gives me a portal into my own innate wisdom, a way to navigate through the inevitable obstacles that arise during my days. It reflects back both light and shadows, helping me to gently work at uncovering my hurts, tending to them, and becoming whole again.

It works, like most magical mirrors do, with intention, with questions; the clearer the intent, the more focused the question, the stronger the mirror’s reflective powers.Continue reading

Monthly Tarot Forecast for August 2017

July has been super busy – so crazy, in fact, that it took me a day to realize we are in August already! But as they say – better late than never! Let’s take a look at what the coming month holds, shall we? Here are your cards:

Tart Forecast for August 2017

Remember, this is a general Tarot reading for August and my intention with this one was: What do my blog readers need to know this month.Continue reading

Journey of a Seeker: The Power of Meditation

Journey of a seeker power of meditation

A spiritual journey is an inward journey – it’s a journey to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, our life and our purpose. It’s easy for us to get caught up in the roles of society, in the rules we are conditioned to live by, in the pursuit of wealth, success, or the next shiny new toy.

But true peace comes from our inner strength, from the stillness and silence that is at the very core of who we are. It is this inner silence and peace that radiates out into our lives, creating a sense of serenity, calmness and balance in everything that we do. The best way that I have found to tap into this silence is through a regular meditation practice.Continue reading

Anything but books

I’m generally not a huge fan of blog tags, mostly because I’m just too lazy to answer questions about myself! But I’ve been seeing this book tag do the rounds, and it looks really interesting. So when Sreesha tagged me on the Anything But Books tag, I had to give it a go.


Here’s how this works. I’ve been given a set of questions. My answers have to be about anything – as the name suggests – but books. At the end of the post, I’ll tag a few other bloggers to share their answers.

Here goes!Continue reading