On my art table: The Buddha’s Blessings + a speed painting video

Buddha speed painting abstract

Sometimes, I come to the painty table to play; at others, to relieve stress. Sometimes, I approach my art practice as therapy; at other times, I allow my emotions to direct my colour choices and mark making. And sometimes, I come to the page with deep reverence and to give gratitude for the many blessings in my life.

This was one of those times.

I’ve long wanted to paint a Buddha, but I didn’t want to paint Him with the usual peaceful face and closed eyes - you know the kind of Buddha painting I’m talking about, right? The ones that you find hanging in most home interior stores - pale blues and calm yellow tones, with a huge Buddha face, eyes closed, a serene look on His face.

But then I came across a Buddha tattoo design on Pinterest {see the header image}, which immediately caught my fancy. I looked at it for some time and decided how I wanted to tweak it. Then I journaled a bit about why I wanted to paint the Buddha and what feelings I wanted to convey. And once I had a general sense of what I was looking to achieve, I took it all to the painty table!

I sketched in the Buddha in my art journal and then let loose with some paint!

Here’s a speed painting of The Buddha’s Blessings - enjoy!

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Supplies used:

Handmade watercolor journal (300 gsm Brustro watercolor paper)

Camel Artist’s Quality watercolours: Viridian hue, cobalt blue hue, Indian yellow, vermillion hue {I used the tube paints}

Pentel watercolors: Red Purple, emerald green

Daler-Rowney FW Acrylic inks in the following colors:

Flame red

brilliant yellow

olive green

purple lake

shimmering gold (appears to be discontinued)


Sakura Identitipen - Black

Sakura Micron 0.5 - Black

* Note: Amazon links are affiliate links. I will earn a small commission if you choose to buy these products using my link at no additional cost to you.

And here’s the final, finished piece. It’s got a lot of shimmering gold, which is really hard to photograph!

abstract buddha, weesak painting, buddha's blessings

So tell me, when you look at the final painting, how does it make you feel?

And if you want to start to paint or keep an art journal, take a look at the Atomic Lotus ecourse. It’s a mini ecourse that includes art with written journaling and meditation {which are completely optional!} You will get approx. 1 hour of video, broken down into bite-size lessons, so that you can watch and create no matter how little “me time” you have!

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  1. Love what you created, Shinjini. The presentation is wonderful, too. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the video. Your hands are so tiny like a child’s! Blessed hands! Gorgeous Buddha!

  2. This is so damn gorgeous, Shinjini! Anything with a Buddha in it automatically becomes gorgeous and with your hands and talent it looks so divine. Really well done 🙂

    • Yes!! That’s one of the ideas I wanted to convey – that no matter what is happening around me, I can remember my Buddha nature and remain calm and centred. So glad that came through.

  3. Love this! Makes me feel calm. I really believe in the power of art to connect us with our inspiration, internal wisdom, and the source of all healing!

  4. It makes me feel alive, yet calm, like I am meditating somewhere beautiful. Thank you for sharing this post #ablogginggoodtime

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