Tarot reading for August 2018

We are marching inexorably closer to the end of the year. How has this year treated you? What have you learnt? How have you grown and healed? What have you discovered? All juicy thoughts to ponder as we enter into the eighth month of the year, don’t you think? And of course, there’s the tarot reading for August to offer further insights.

Tarot reading for August 2018

This month’s reading is slightly different – I was called to draw a card for the collective during the potent lunar eclipse at the end of July. The message that came through was powerful, and I knew this was a message we were meant to sit with this month. I added an oracle card pull for further insights, and it just reinforced the message.

Tarot reading for August 2018

Leave what isn’t working. Pick up what is. And keep on walking. That’s the essence of the 7 of Swords at this time – and boy, is it potent!

How often do we carry thoughts and expectations that are not ours, without even knowing that we are?

It’s time, dear one, to set down the thoughts that do not align with your heart…with your soul. Cut through the situations that hold you back. Leave the false messages that the current culture would have you believe – you know the ones I mean – the ones that divide; that spread hate; the ones that would keep you small and in fear; the ones that equate your worth with your bank balance and the shiny things you possess.

You know that none of that is true, don’t you? It is time to take a long hard look at all the ways in which you feel less than and all the ways in which you allow fear to govern your choices.

Pick, instead, the ideas and the ideals that you would want to strive to. The ones that make your heart flutter in excitement; the ones that feel just right. And walk away from the people and situations and places and things that hold you back. If walking away isn’t an option, create some strong boundaries. Vocalize your new expectations. Let the people around you know what you will no longer tolerate. It is hard work; it takes time to change a lifetime of set expectations; but it can be done. Will you make the effort to let it all go?

It is time, dear one, to burn those old paradigms down. It’s time to stop allowing the cultural paradigms and society’s expectations to govern what you do and when and how you do it. Going against the grain takes immense courage and conviction in your path – I know it from first hand experience; I know it isn’t easy; and yet, I also know that it is the best thing that you can do for yourself.

So, dear one, will you do it? That is the question. Sit with it. Let it marinate in your consciousness. Your first instinct may be to say no thank you, I like my comfort zone, so what if it is a little bit stifling? Let it marinate a little bit more. Let the answers come bubbling up from deep within you. And then…walk on the path that winks at you…that whispers your name….whose call you’ve been ignoring…it is time.

So: Leave what isn’t working. Pick up what is. And keep on walking.

Supporting you on this journey is horsetail (Equisetum). Energetically, this perennial herb helps you to strengthen your resolve and define your boundaries; as well as to cleanse unwanted emotional debris from the system. It serves as a reminder to sweep away old, stagnant energy to allow the new to enter in. This can be a slow process; but done consistently, you will see changes slowly and steadily.

I hope this reading resonated with you and gave you some food for thought. Do share your thoughts and insights in the comments!

And if you need some support with changing old patterns or blocks; or bringing about a change in any area of your life, consider booking a Tarot reading with me. I’ve been told they’re really helpful. 😉

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  1. Practical advice but as always I find it hard to give up stuff that I’ve hung on to for so long. Often I ask myself if I’m doing what I want to and then I ask, what is it that I really want to do? Would I have done anything differently? I don’t think so

    • It is hard to give up on stuff; but sometimes it’s important too! I also think there is a difference between doing things differently and doing what you really want to do. You can want to do something else and yet not do things differently. It’s like all the experiences so far shape how you do what you do, if that makes sense?

  2. Such a positive thought that can de-clutter ‘today’ to make a way for a light , bright and beautiful tomorrow! Thanks Shinjini for this uplifting thought!

  3. The joy we feel inside us is a good compass that we are on the right path. Letting go is not always easy and taking that first step into unchartered territory can be scary. But once done is liberating. Nice one for August.

  4. Good post. It is gud if we can leave what is not working…go ahead…do not look back. It works but if ypu succeed in your new venture its fine otherwise the past will haunt you. Whether it was a gud idea to leave….

  5. Interesting. It sounds good to leave what is not working. I think it can be hard to tell though. Does the horsetail help with this? Is it to make tea?? #MixitUp

  6. I find this advice/reading very useful and you’re right – drop something that isn’t working. I can think of something right now 🙂 #MixItUp

  7. This is a very motivating post, indeed, Shinjini. Moving on from failures & frustration is one huge step & often THE call you must take to be happy in life. Loved this!

  8. I know I say this every month, Shinjini, but did you write this for me? Yesterday, I was called to walk away from something and I was full of doubt whether I had done the right thing and today I read this from you. Had to follow, but I’m really trying.

  9. To say it resonated is an understatement. This is literally what i need this month (and not any of the earlier months specifically)

    Still a tough job but some things have to be done.

  10. I have just got into a new group of people – a network of sorts- that is so well connected and pushes one another up for self development and all… so this was one thing out of my comfort zone that i did this month. and let’s see how well i can survive in it and grow. learn from people around me, and better myself.

    So yes I could relate a lot to this post. A lots happening. Would need patience for the slow and steady progress.

  11. Thank you so much for this reading, Shinjini! Will reread it tomorrow, and maybe the day after tomorrow so that it settles down comfortably in my mind and helps me change my ways! 🙂

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