The messy middle: dealing with an artist block

Peeling back the layers on my own creative block.

The messy middle: dealing with an artist's block. Creative block

On this episode of the Art with Soul podcast, we talk about how to deal with an artist’s block. As I record this episode, I’m firmly in the middle of a creative block. So I decided to peel back the layers and open up about why I think I am feeling blocked, and what I am doing during this fallow time. I hope it will prove to be of value, especially if you are in the middle of a creative block too. I see you!

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“I don’t usually like to talk about creative blocks when I am in the middle of one, preferring to come out on the other side first, so I can share something that’s useful, some little lesson that I may have learnt along the way.

But I am realizing that there is value in talking about our troubles — and for artists, creative blocks are a capital T trouble — while we are still in the throes of it.

So here I am. Artistically blocked. Feeling like a bit of a fraud for even recording this episode, because right now, my inner critic is convinced that my painting days are over and that I won’t ever be able to paint again.

But I know better than to listen to her. I’ve been here before. And each time I am here, she tells me the exact same thing. And each time, I do eventually find something that ignites my spark again. So I know that this time will be no different, either.”

Tune in as we talk about:

  • What I think led to my current creative block
  • How I am dealing with this fallow period
  • Finding comfort from the lives and philosophy of artists and master craftsmen
  • Windsor chairmaker Curtis Buchanan’s philosophy

And much more!

Additional resources mentioned on this episode:

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Episode 4: How to overcome artist’s block — Additional tips to help you overcome a creative block

My 100 day project — View my postcards under the 100 days of soul fueled abstracts hashtag on Instagram

Curtis Buchannan’s philosophy

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  1. wow great episode.
    I will be sharing this with all out 100 day project friends as we are approaching day 50 of 100.Even though I have more structured breaks this year with my art series #palettestories between several projects I notice I am feeling the creative lull more often.Thank you for your expression and voice! sending you Love in the journey.I love your abstracts and figurative sketching.As multi passionate creatives we have several loves.Wishing you plenty of space!yes….. the wood i love that!

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