December 2021: Tarot spread for the full moon in Gemini

Plus some journaling questions, an astro-tarot forecast, exploration of the the Sabian symbol, mini ritual, and additional resources for the December 2021 full moon in Gemini

Tarot spread for the December 2021 full moon in Gemini

The December 2021 full moon falls in the sign of Gemini. The Gemini archetype is very curious, an excellent communicator, and a disseminator of knowledge. It is the sign of the writer, of those who tend to think deeply, are highly perceptive, and prefer to learn from experience.

Spiritually, the Gemini archetype is about courageous conversation, be it with another person or with the Universe. Gemini adds its vibration to the advancement of culture and civilization through dialogue, be that via books or blogs or letters.

Coming on the heels of the solar eclipse in Sagittarius, this full moon could bring more clarity to whatever was stirred during the eclipse. Being the last full moon of the year, this is also a good time to start your end of the year check-in, examining the habits and baggage that you’d like to leave behind and the vision you see for yourself in the coming year. {There are some resources to aid you with this at the end of the post}

During this Gemini full moon, give free reign to what makes you feel good — creativity, playfulness, coffee with friends {while taking all the necessary precautions!}. This may also be a good full moon to start dreaming about some interesting creative projects you want to tackle next year!


Astro-Tarot influences for the December 2021 full moon

To throw some more light on the December full moon astrology, let’s take a look at the astro-tarot influences of this lunation. The Gemini full moon falls in decan 3, which is represented by the Ten of Swords. This is to be interpreted in conjunction with The Lovers, which is associated with Gemini.

When I was learning how to read the tarot, one of my teachers referred to the 10 of Swords as the “drama queen” card. That description has stuck with me through the years. It doesn’t take 10 swords to defeat an opponent, after all — one well-placed sword is often enough. That makes me think of the phrase ‘death by a thousand cuts’ and how often we inflict those thousand metaphorical cuts on ourselves. All the times we play small, remain stuck in indecision, caught in comparison, paralyzed by analysis, or drive ourselves to the ground trying to do everything at the same time. And with the 10 of Swords, we are on the ground. We’ve given up. We’ve driven 10 swords through our back to illustrate just how out of commission we are.

What I find interesting looking at this card is the placement of the swords. They start at the neck and go all the way down the spine, effectively depicting the mind cut off from the rest of the body. That’s how many of us live our lives — operating in the head, disconnected from the rest of our body. Which is why one of the most effective ways of tackling an anxiety attack is to come back to the body through our senses, listing the things we can see, fell, hear, smell, taste, and touch.

There’s only one way I know of pulling myself out of a 10 of Swords moment, and that is to simply throw up my hands and say, “I give up. I’m done trying to do everything on my own. I’m calling in the cavalry.”


The cavalry could be friends or loved ones you enlist to help you out of a pickle, or a journal and pen, where you simply list down everything that’s overwhelming or troubling you. Both serve to get the jumble in your mind out so it can be witnessed. Once its out of your mind, you can begin to see which pieces are more urgent than the others, and tackle your problems more systematically.

Focus and single-tasking; building in periods of leisure; making time for the things that make us happy are often the simple ‘life hacks’ we forget (The Lovers). A friend shared this quote by Cara Alwill Leyba recently, which seemed appropriate for this lunation:

Your past is gone. Your mistakes are behind you. Focus on your gorgeous, unmarked, love-filled future. The only thing you are responsible for now is taking each step with intention. Rebuild your life. Make it gold.

Sabian Symbol for the December 2021 full moon in Gemini

The Sabian Symbol for Gemini 27 degrees is Society Granting Bankruptcy, A Person Leaves The Court With Mixed Feelings

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Bankruptcy, especially in India, is not a pretty process. Unlike in the US, you stand to lose all your assets — your home, your bank account, your retirement corpus — and to top it off, there’s the social stigma attached to going under. I’m guessing bankruptcy would be similarly fraught in many countries.

Regardless of how things land, filing for bankruptcy is rarely easy. And yet, this symbol casts it as a collective helping hand. Society granting bankruptcy indicates the social structures of support that are available to us any time we are struggling. It’s a chance we are given to begin with a fresh slate.

As Lynda Hill writes in 360 Degrees of Wisdom: The Sabian Oracle, “This Symbol rarely describes ‘Bankruptcy’ in the literal sense. There may be ‘Feelings’ of failure along with the need to have the slate wiped clean, to be able to ‘Leave the Court’ and have a chance to start over again. When you actually reach rock bottom there are not many choices as to the way out. There’s a need to grab hold of hope and let go of fear.”

She goes on to write, “The most important thing about ‘Bankruptcy’ is that it should be undertaken without leaving feelings of guilt and loss. Forgiving and forgetting are both necessary. New truths will be learnt and life will turn around with a feeling of release from the regrets of the past as life becomes lighter and better.”

There’s a sense of renewal and hope, of the chance for things to begin to pick up, and for the mistakes of the past to become lessons for a better future.


Tarot spread for the December 2021 Gemini full moon

Here’s a tarot spread to tap into the energy of this full moon.

Tarot spread and journaling questions for the December 2021 full moon in Gemini

1. Illuminate: A lesson you’ve learnt this year

2. Release: Try to read this card intuitively. Look for any emotions or thoughts that arise as soon as you flip it over.

3. Envision: What are you trying to bring forward next year?

4. Seed: New intentions for the coming year.

5. Flourish: A mantra to see you into 2022.

6. Mamma moon says: This is always an encouraging message.

If you share your spreads on Instagram, please use the hashtag #moontarotstories or tag me so we can connect with each other.

There are no journaling questions this month. Instead, spend some time doing an end of the year review and dreaming into the year ahead. The resources below are meant to support you in this process.

Some resources to support you with the Gemini full moon + year ahead planning

The 2022 Visioning workbook: Review the year gone by, select a word of the year, and set some intentions for the year ahead. The workbook is available in English and Spanish.

If you’d like to sling some cards for the coming year, but don’t particularly care for the standard one-card per month spread, give this year ahead tarot spread a try.


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