100 day project: Making my own washi tape

The 100 day project - 100 days of DIY washi tape

I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t be doing a 100 day project this year. I didn’t feel like committing to a project for 100 days {like 100 days of soul fueled abstracts, which I did in 2021}, and I wasn’t in the mood for a working project, either {like 100 days of painting intuitively, which was my very first 100 day project back in 2019.}

But then an idea popped into my head and refused to go away.

My 100 day project for 2023

So, on 22 February 2023, along with thousands of other artists and creatives, I embarked on my own 100 day project — 100 days of DIY washi tape. Although once I brainstormed a bit on my idea, I expanded it to include journaling accessories as well — little pretties that I can add in to my written journals {and perhaps even my junk/art journals}. Things like tip-ins, tags, notelets, blank watercolor word labels and the like. I’m also counting any art journal spreads I create using these washi tapes as part of my 100 day project.

Hands holding DIY washi tapes

It’s a short, simple daily project that feeds into my love for {or should I say obsession with?} washi tape, stickers, planning, and journaling. Plus, having my own washi tape designs would be another interesting way to add my own marks to my art journals. Win-win!

Speaking of washi tape, have you seen the absolutely gorgeous washi tapes at The Washi Tape shop? It’s my go-to for gorgeous washi tapes — 99.99% of my washi tape collection is from here! If you fall in love with their washi like I did, you can use my coupon code Modern10 to get 10% off your washi tape order. Enjoy!

OK, back to my 100 day project.

Where can you see my 100 day project?

Unlike my previous 100 day projects, I won’t be posting regular updates on Instagram. I will share some of my washi tape designs on stories from time to time, but I won’t be sharing them every day. I don’t need the pressure to shoot pretty photographs and share them daily on the ‘gram, you know?

Mixed media art journal painting of a whimsical portrait using acrylics ink and washi tape
MY DIY washi tape in action!

But accountability is important, and I do want some sort of record for my project. So I will be sharing regular updates right here on my blog. Now you know where to come if you want to watch this project unfold!

100 days of DIY washi tape: an update on the first 10 days

Here are some of the washi tapes that I have designed so far, and I’ve already used two of them in my art journal! So exciting!

DIY washi tape designs

I’ve been documenting my process on Notion, making a note of the colors and materials I used, and jotting down some notes on the process. Some of these are definitely designs that I want to repeat, which made it important to have process notes so that I can create something similar.

As with anything handmade, I think it’s next to impossible to repeat designs exactly as they are — and that is the beauty of it! These are going to be truly one-of-a-kind washi tapes that I can use in my journals, and I don’t have to be precious with them, because I know I can always create similar designs again!

Are you doing the 100 day project? Tell me about it in the comments! And also tell me which one of these washi tapes is your favorite so far?

pain palette

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am obsessed with washi tape and stickers and things to make my notebooks beautiful. But it’s difficult getting the exact washi tape I need. Thanks to this post, I googled and now I am ready to put my creative brains to work.

    • Awesome!! It’s a lot of fun to make your own washi tape! And if you want some recommendations for places to check out for washi/stickers, pretties for journals, feel free to ask. I’m happy to enable. 😉

  2. I love washi tapes, Shinjini. Though initially I bought them to decorate my bullet journal, I don’t use it on my bullet journal anymore. I just love collecting them and using them on simple artworks. Your designs are absolutely different from what we see in the stores. By the end of this project you will create an amazing collection of washi tape. Waiting to see them all. 🙂

    • Oh yes! I love using washi tape in my art journals too!! I’ve been using the ones from The Washi Tape shop and I absolutely love them! I’ve also been using them in my journals, and really enjoy decorating the pages with a bit of washi before writing. But I need to control my washi obsession, hence the decision to make my own before I bankrupt myself buying All. The. Washi!! 😂

  3. WOW! That’s what I was thinking too… it will be impossible to create the EXACT same designs again, since they are handmade. How do you make them sticky at the back, like the tapes we get in the market? Or do you apply adhesive when you need to stick them on?

    • I’m using double sided tape for some of them. Some are on masking tape, so they can easily be stuck down onto paper. And some are on brown paper tape that has lost its stickiness, so I’ll just use glue for those ones.

  4. This is so amazing, Shinjini! I didn’t know you could make your own washi! But, I would definitely say—it’s a great idea making your own. Let me check out more on this. Sounds very tempting…I’d love to give it a go. 🙂

  5. Your washi tapes are unique, Shinjini. And, making such stationary at home is the best way to not just save money but use your creativity in different ways, too. Wish you luck for your 100-day project!

    • Thanks, Shilpa! As a lover of all things stationary, it’s very easy for me to get carried away and buy All. The. Things! But this project has been so much fun and I’ve got some designs that I’m so in love with that I think I may just end up hoarding them instead of using them, lol!

  6. I had no idea one could actually make Washi tape. I so love the vibrant colours and buy them often but then don’t know what to do with them.

    • Oh yes, you can! It won’t be the exact same paper that washi tape is printed on, but I don’t think that matters so much. There are so many ideas for what to do with washi tape — you can use them to decorate your journals, in your art, and in many DIY projects! Maybe I should do a round-up of some interesting ways to use washi tape.

  7. I am so shy to incorporate washi tape in my art journaling fun. stickers I can and do.Yes I was following your project on stories.I am so happy you will be putting it on your blog.looking forward to catching up on your podcasts..

    • I’ve started incorporating my own washi tape into my projects, along with those I’ve purchased, and it just adds another layer of fun. It’s more like an additional layer of collage sometimes, or just the piece of collage that pulls everything together.

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