It's the time of gifting: unique Christmas gifts

Christmas isn’t a major festival here in India, and for most of us, the frenzied search for that perfect gift happens during Diwali. But I can’t pass up any excuse to demand a gift from the husband now, can I? 😉

Sometimes it gets difficult to find that perfect gift…something that is unique and beautiful…that will leave a lasting impression and bring constant pleasure.

Like a Wish tree, for example. Hindus believe that if you tie a sacred thread around the trunk of a banyan tree, your wish will come true. How about gifting a loved this pretty wish tree from RedEnvelope? It comes with 100 paper tags with a pink cherry blossom background tied with string. Just write your wish and hang it on the tree!

(Click on images to go to the product’s website.)


Women love jewelry, so how about surprising your special someone with this gorgeous Tree of life pendant from Uncommon Goods?


Or with a beautiful, one-of-a-kind Murano pendant from Glass of Venice?


Patagonia Gifts has an excellent range of Celtic cross jewelry, like these unique cuff links for men.


Do you want something to dress up your walls instead? Why not gift someone this pretty wall mounted aquarium?


Or how about getting your photographs converted into Warhol style paintings and displaying them on your wall? It takes a while, because the paintings are handcrafted, but it’s sure to make your walls pop!


There you have it, an assortment of unique gift ideas that are guaranteed to be a hit!

Take a look at some more of my favorite things for more gifting ideas!

Got any gifting ideas of your own? You know I’d love to see them!

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  1. The pendant and Warhol paintings are fabulous! We don’t do gifts anymore at Christmas (boo!) so my shopping is limited to a few exchanges between close friends (yay!). I usually opt for gift cards now, because people can be so difficult to shop for. So, some of my ideas (based on previous gifts):

    Aveda: At the end of November, they always come out with their gift boxes/packages. Not only do you save a bit of money on these, but the packaging is usually made by artisans/people from areas like Nepal, the Himalayas etc. and so I believe part of the proceeds go back to them. Check these out (sorry I don’t know how to link here!):

    Unicef: I usually buy my Christmas cards there so that I can support the kiddies, but they also have some lovely gifts. Last year, I bought friendship bracelets for my close friends. These were made of Peruvian beads and were awesome – they went over really well! 🙂

    Ten Thousand Villages: Another fantastic place to shop, with items from around the world. They promote fair trade, and are a non-profit organization. Check out their site to learn more:

    I think I just came up with my next post idea LOL! 🙂

    • I loved the Aveda goodies — I have to stop myself from buying any more lotions and potions now, though! I think I’ve bought enough to last me 2 years! LOL! Ten Thousand Villages looks really interesting — I’m going to poke around their website a bit more.

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