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Some mindful moments from The Mindful Break challenge

Looking at beauty in the world, is the first step of purifying the mind. – Amit Ray

The mindful break this year has been a lovely little pocket of calmness amid the uncertainty and unusualness of this almost dystopian year.

Taking these few days to really savour the small moments, the practices that are our touchstones, the colors and feelings that thread through our life, has in some ways anchored us to the continuity of life.

The sun still rises and sets, the flowers still bloom, we still find little moments for our daily rituals, really present to what is before us and around us and within us in each moment.

I’ve collected a few of the mindful moments that have been shared in the hashtag stream. May they bring you a sense of peace and calm.

Esha speaks beautifully about mindfulness being an inside job.

Jyoti shares a tiny new sapling growing in an avocado seed.

Sunita‘s cat reminds her of finding comfort in trying times.

Amanda shares some beautiful fall leaves from her daily walk.

Shay shared some fairy-like views from her garden.

Jeanne spent some time observing the visitors in her backyard.

Asmanda shared a beautiful vignette from her table.

I pulled an inspiration {oracle} card from my The Daily Pause oracle deck for us to reflect on: What should we allow to wash over us?

Nancy shared this beautiful, ethereal bird’s nest she found on her walk by the canal.

And that’s just a tiny little sample of the moments of beauty that are filling the mindful break hashtag stream.

Next week, I’ll share some of the photographs from the art edition of the challenge, along with some tips and suggestion on how you can create a mindful art practice of your own, if you’re so inspired.

We may be nearing the end of the challenge, but it’s never too late to incorporate a mindfulness practice in your life. Use the prompts as a starting point to your own mindfulness journey, or download the free mindfulness guide to weave some beauty and peace into your life.

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