On my art table: The Bridge

Because all we need is love

abstract landscape painting the bridge

I love painting intuitively. Often, I start by picking up a bunch of different kinds of paints – heavy bodied, inks, fluids – in a variety of colors. I always have a variety of mark making tools on my table, ranging from brushes and pencils, to catalyst blades, palette knives and my fingers; and a variety of mixed media supplies like colored pencils, oil pastels.

Just throwing everything together, following my impulse, and seeing what arises brings me immense joy. Like on this piece – finding those little hearts within the layers of paint, and then noticing so many more abstract heart shapes peeking out throughout this piece.

Mixed media abstract landscape painting

Do you see them too?

Having navigated through a harrowing second wave of the pandemic in India, this was just the balm that my raw and aching heart needed.

If you’re still feeling raw – for any reason – here are some gentle, creative invitations that should offer a balm for your aching heart. <3

pain palette

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  1. So glad you shared your process here, Shinjini! I love the muted pastels you work with and the way those hearts appear on your canvas is so amazing! I must say that your process sounds so very inviting to me. Would love to get my painting kit out and give it a go some day. 🙂

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