What it really takes to make good art

The answer may surprise you!

What it really takes to make good art

On this episode of the Art with Soul podcast, we talk about what it means to make good art…to make your art. We talk about the creative process, the importance of consistency, and the necessity of making “ugly art” as a stepping stone to creating your best and most authentic work.

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“There are days when you’re stuck. When you’re frozen. When you look at that blank page and feel unsure of what to do. What move to make. What marks to make.

My answer to that has always been to just begin. Pick up a color pencil and scribble some lines. Set a timer and freewrite. Get out some of my favorite colors and start laying paint down on the page. Start writing a piece without going in and editing it. Just get the ideas out on paper in front of me. It can always be edited and polished later.”

Tune is as we talk about:

  • the importance of a regular painting practice
  • why you should make ugly art
  • what it really means to make good art
  • the importance of showing up and doing the work

and more!

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  1. i have found your podcast and listened to this episode whilst driving, it made a lot of sense. your voice and teh music you play is so restful. I am going to go back and listen to them all 🙂

  2. I love your podcasts, Shinjini! They are so soulful and thought-provoking always. I think we all need to become a child again, and fall in love with messiness in order to come up with something beautiful. The whole process of creating art is so organic, that one cannot find any short cuts on the path. You got to go the whole way in order to find your “voice” or craft, so to speak.

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