The Kindness Revolution

Have you ever stopped and noticed the amount of negativity we are surrounded by? It’s in the media, movies, television…sometimes it comes from our family and friends…and of course, there’s all the negative self-talk in our heads. It’s crazy and chaotic, it tells you that what you have is not enough, that you need to try just a little harder, work a little bit longer, look better than your best…run, run, run….harder, faster, more!

But life doesn’t have to be that way. There’s a gentler way of living…of surrounding yourself with people who comfort you and encourage you…who celebrate diversity in all its forms…who are kind and gentle and true. And if at first you don’t find too many people like that, be that way with yourself!

It is OK to rest, to make mistakes, to seek comfort for your heart and soul. Life isn’t a race to get the biggest car and the best house and the most perfect partner. Life is meant to be lived in all it’s glory – present in every moment, enjoying everything you do – even the hard things – because you WANT to do it, not because you think you HAVE to do it {there’s a difference there}.

It’s time to start a revolution – a kindness revolution. It starts with you. And then it expands outwards. Are you willing to join me?

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  1. I feel this way often. We are surrounded by negativity and then expected to have this great sense of self. I think people often don’t realize that they need support from others, you can’t depend solely upon yourself, because we all doubt ourselves from time to time.

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