Art journal tutorial: intuitive painting demo from start-to-finish

how to paint intuitively intuitive painting demo from start-to-finish

I really enjoy intuitive painting – it’s freeing and challenging at the same time! The freedom to make marks, experiment with color palettes and mediums, and to make bold moves delights my inner wild child. The challenge of bringing so many elements together; of not knowing what the final piece will be like; of wondering if you can manage to salvage it all, is exciting. Each painting session becomes an exploration of something new; each canvas or art journal spread a delightful revelation.

Intuitive painting demo from start-to-finish

Here’s an intuitive painting that I did in my art journal. Watch the video first, and then I’ll walk you through the steps and supplies below the video.

How to paint intuitively: step-by-step walk-through

I started by putting on one of my favorite songs – Khwabon Ke Parindey from Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara – and playing with pencils and paint pens on the page.

Once I was done, I looked at the page from many different angles, trying to look for images in the marks. I found what looked like a profile portrait, but decided to look a little more. As I turned the page around again, I found the outline of what looked like leaves, or maybe petals. And I started to build the page from there.

I added a stem and leaves; changed the shape of the flower a couple of times, and built up the background gradually, making sure to not completely cover up the crazy lines that formed the first layer!

I blended together a couple of colors on the background using my fingers and brushes, making sure to leave behind some brush marks for interest.

Next, I added in some leaf elements to unify the page. I also added some drips below the leaf pad, and smooshed it around with a Catalyst wedge.

A little more painting and blending, before I added in some text and white dots, and called it finished!

Intuitive painting demo: supply list

Intuitive painting demo from start to finishHere’s the list of supplies I used to create this spread. Feel free to use what you have, and experiment!

Watercolor pencils


Posca paint pens: White, Orange, Pink

Acrylic colors: Cadimum Green, Emerald Green, Blue Turquoise, Azo Pink, Payne’s Grey, Cobalt Violet

Daler-Rowney FW acrylic ink: Dark Green

Catalyst Wedge No. 4

Sakura IdentiPen – Black

If you are inspired to create your own intuitive painting, do share your results with me. I’d love to see!

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Healing with art

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  1. I love your art, Jini. The layers, the colors, the words they all evoke such beautiful emotions in me!

    I can just sit and look at them all day!

  2. Amazed by the transformation… I kept wondering how it would look in the end. Loved how you added the colors layer by layer. The background and the texture looks so pretty. I am gonna try this and see how it goes.

  3. Art is truly healing, and when you have music playing in the background and such vivid colours in front of you, I can imagine how beautiful one must feel! I experience it all during my art sessions. 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Shilpa! And would you believe me if I said I was art challenged too? I think anyone can learn art, it’s just a matter of finding the right way in and the mediums and styles you prefer, plus a lot of practice!

  4. It seems to be a “rule” that retirees in New York State take up art. I’m smiling because I’ve never had any ambition to take art lessons or work on paintings with still life fruits and vegetables (a relative’s kitchen is decorated with such paintings she’s done, and actually, she did a good job on them.) I like the idea of “intuitive painting”. I’m not retired yet, but once I am, and have to do “mandatory” art, I’ve pinned your post for reference.

    • Mandatory art, lol! I like that! Intuitive painting is a lot of fun and very freeing. It just needs a bit of practice and understanding a few simple techniques to be able to make it work. I really enjoy this style of painting myself.

  5. I have always loved art and wished to do it, but steered clear fearing my art capabilities would just be embarrassing. However, late last year after going through deep anxiety, I felt a real calling to start playing with art. I wanted to get in touch with my feelings through a medium other than writing, and so I started attending an art day each week that gave me the freedom to explore and also guidance. It was the best thing I have done in so long, and I still now do art every week at the studio and then at home too. I love it, and it is a great tool for healing and expressing myself. Great post, so happy you linked up #ABloggingGoodTime

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